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Warzone 2 Best Landing Spots – Where To Land in Warzone

Warzone 2
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In any battle royale, landing spots are absolutely key in a match, and Warzone 2 is no exception.

Getting to favorable, defensible ground first gives you the chance to take stock, set up, and quickly swing momentum in your favor.

Of course, this can be a double-edged sword, as everyone heading to the best spots first can lead to some pitched firefights in a game’s opening moments.

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Where Should I Drop in Warzone 2?

With Warzone 2 out for a few months now, players have been getting to grips with the map, gaining an information advantage through expert knowledge of the terrain. After all, it’s that much easier to outgun your opponents if you know how to outmaneuver them too. 

We’ll walk you through the four best places to land in Warzone 2 – offering the perfect level of cover, protection, and loot.

Let’s kick off!

Zaya Observatory 

Warzone 2 Landing Spot: Observatory
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A key location for marksmen. The Observatory is an elevated, defensible position in Warzone 2. If you’re lucky enough to grab a long-range weapon like a Marksman Rifle – or, even better, a Sniper – you can stake a claim to the observatory and pick off your foes with ease. And the loot you’ll acquire here makes it worth the trip even if you aren’t planning to hunker down.

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Warzone 2 Landing Spots
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A real treat for Modern Warfare fans, the popular Quarry map from MW2 (2009) has been faithfully recreated in Warzone 2’s Al Mazrah map.

This will be an excellent site of interest this will likely draw players in through nostalgia alone, allowing for fast-paced firefights up close. And the elevated position of the cranes nearby should serve as a great vantage point from which to drop opponents that flock to the site. 


Ahkdar Village 

Warzone 2 Landing Spots
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Leaving aside vantage points, Ahkdar Village is not only a great initial landing point because of its plethora of buildings and defensible points. But it also allows you to quickly stock up and gain resources in Warzone 2. 

With a plethora of loot to grab, you can quickly suit up and out-equip your early-game opponents. And what’s more, the presence of a shop allows you to begin tailoring your loadout to your ideal specifications. 

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Sarrif Bay

Warzone 2 Landing Spots
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Sarrif Bay is a tucked away location on the south coast of Al Mazrah and remains to be an underrated spot to land at. With plenty of suburban houses to navigate through for loot or resort to for cover, Sarrif Bay is also surrounded by a few small islands, providing plenty of great nooks to secure kills from.

Though operators do like to land on the outskirts of the map, Sarrif Bay places you in a great position to transition to different POIs nearby should danger be high upon landing.

How Do People Land So Fast in Warzone 2?

Finding the best landing spots is an advantage. However, as these are the most desirable spots in Warzone, everyone will be aiming to get there as soon as possible!

So it’s key you can land fast, but how?

How To Land in Warzone 2

Here’s how:

  • Make sure your parachute is out early so you can plan ahead to your designated drop.
  • Strategically cut your parachute to drop faster and then pull your parachute out again to make it controlled.
  • Keep doing this repetitively and you should be descending pretty fast!

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Warzone 2 Best Landing Spots – FAQ

What is the best place to land in Warzone 2? 

The best landing spots in Warzone 2 are Zaya Observatory, The Quarry, Sarrif Bay and Ahkdar Village.

What is the safest place to land in Warzone 2? 

This depends on the circle, but always aim for either outside the circle or on the edge of the map. Stay away from Al Mazrah City and other built up areas, as these will be crowded.

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