Modern Warfare 3 (2023) carry forward guide – what can I bring over from MW2?

Modern Warfare 3 (2023) carry forward guide – what can I bring over from MW2?
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Wondering what the Modern Warfare 3 carry forward feature is all about? With the next series installment’s launch fast approaching, publisher Activision has officially confirmed several key details. This includes the fact that players can bring over certain items and cosmetics from MW2 over to the next entry.

However, not all of your precious skins and accessories may be transferrable once the Modern Warfare 3 release date drops. So if you want to know exactly what you can bring over from MW2, then we’ve covered all that and more below.

How to carry forward MW2 guns to MW3 (2023)

To carry forward MW2 guns to MW3, you will need to own both base games. According to Activision, the arsenal you’ve gathered from both Modern Warfare 2 and 3 will then be combined immediately, ‘giving you a massive repository of armaments ready to use on day one.’ It’s worth noting, though, that you will have to complete each weapon’s unlock challenge again in MW3 before you can begin using them.

But aside from having to grind for these guns again in the beginning, the weapon blueprints and accessories you’ve accumulated throughout the past year should remain accessible. There will also be more firearms introduced once MW3 drops. Once they’ve been released, every player’s gun locker should grow even larger in the future.

How to get Snoop Dogg skin in Modern Warfare 2

How to carry forward MW2 operators to MW3 (2023)

To carry forward operators to MW3, you must unlock or purchase them from MW2 first. This includes skins obtainted through the campaign, like Nova, as well as store-exclusive ones, such as Snoop Dogg. Keep in mind that MW3 won’t be offering players any way of earning past skins. So if you want to use characters like Gromsko and Gaz, then you’ll need to collect them ahead of time.

Alas, if you missed out on season exclusive operators like Valeria and Alejandro in Season 3, you won’t be able to use their likenesses in MW3. However, you can still unlock their variants in case Sledgehammer Games releases bundles containing these characters in the future.

A colorful rifle with MW2 carry forward compatibility.

Modern Warfare 3 – how to carry forward MW2 cosmetics

To carry forward cosmetics to MW3, you will need to earn or buy them in MW2 beforehand. Much like carrying forward operators and guns, most of your inventory will be consolidated once MW3 drops. This means all of the calling cards, charms, and, most importantly, camos will be brought over.

This should come as a relief to hardcore CoD fans since you won’t need to grind out Orion or Polyatomic weapon skins any longer. Of course, these will only be carried over if you unlocked them beforehand. If you weren’t, though, then there’s no need to worry. This is because weapon progression will apparently progress over both games. With this in mind, you can simply pick up where you left off once MW3 drops in November 2023.

What items can’t you carry forward to MW3?

These are the following items you won’t be able to carry forward once MW3 drops:

  • Content that’s unavailable in Modern Warfare 3. For instance, if the Tactical Amphibious Vehicle isn’t in the next game, any skins you’ve unlocked for it won’t be accessible.
  • Wartracks won’t be carried forward from MW2 to MW3.
  • You also won’t be able to ‘carry back’ items from MW3 to MW2.

That’s all you need to know about the Modern Warfare 3 carry forward guide. If you want to learn more about the upcoming installment, check out our pieces on the Modern Warfare 3 weapons list, the MW3 character lists and the Modern Warfare 3 Makarov reveal, which sees the return of one of the series’ most iconic villains.