Will Call of Duty MW3 have zombies? (2023) Yes, and in a whole new way

Will Call of Duty MW3 have zombies? (2023) Yes, and in a whole new way
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Modern Warfare 3 has been announced but will MW3 have zombies? Since it was last featured in Black Ops Cold War, a new mode featuring mobs of brain-eating monsters has often been atop players’ wishlists. Luckily, with Sledgehammer Games leading development for the next CoD game, many within the fan base have high hopes that the next installment will have a match type that includes hordes of the undead.

Now, as part of the ongoing MW3 reveal campaign, Activision has finally confirmed the inclusion of a Zombies mode in the next series entry. Though specific information remains scarce ahead of the Modern Warfare 3 release date, previous leaks had already divulged several key details. This includes some of the modes players can expect once the game drops. With this in mind, here’s what we know so far about the inclusion of zombies in MW3.

A screenshot of MW3 zombies.

MW3 – will it have zombies?

Yes, MW3 will have zombies and it will be the series’ “largest zombies offering to date”. The publisher’s detailed blog post now confirms a new exciting zombie mode after the reveal event.

This partially confirms Insider Gaming’s article, wherein they stated that the next CoD installment will allegedly have an offering that’s ‘essentially an Outbreak 2.0.’ However, it remains unclear whether this mode will be part of the base game or if it’ll be free-to-play instead.

Modern warfare iii will include zombies.

According to CoD news aggregator CharlieIntel, the upcoming undead co-op mode, entitled Modern Warfare Zombies, will reportedly be “a new Treyarch Zombies story with missions, core Zombies features, and secrets to discover.” Along with your own team, you will apparently be able to team up with other squads to take on massive hordes of these emaciated, brain-eating monsters.

Those players have now found out (as per WarzoneTFN) that if they text the word ‘zombies’ to the phone number, they receive a reply with a zombie emoji and an attachment that leads them to this sound file on Activision’s servers, playing the unmistakable sound of Zombies from the Call of Duty series. (We’ve done the same thing ourselves and texted the number, and can confirm the below.)

What is Outbreak mode in MW3

For those who don’t know, Outbreak was a zombie mode that Black Ops Cold War initially had. It presented a drastically different structure compared to modes featured in past entries like World at War and BO1. Instead of fighting off undead creatures trying to break into buildings, Outbreak was similar to MW2 DMZ.

MW3 Gameplay screenshot

Naturally, this meant that Outbreak gave you and your team the chance to explore the map. It also let your squad complete objectives, collect resources, fight off enemies, and eventually exfiltrate if things got too hot. So with Infinity Ward having popularized their own looter shooter in MW2, Sledgehammer Games may be looking to do the same – albeit in a more gimmicky package. However, since this hasn’t been confirmed by Activision yet, you’ll need to take this information with the customary grain of salt. Presumably, we’ll find out at the official reveal, and will update you with the final word.

That’s all you need to know for now on MW3’s zombie mode. While you wait for more details, check out our other pages to learn more about the next CoD game. This includes our pieces on the MW3 weapons list, the MW3 Makarov reveal, and the MW3 reveal event start time.