MW3 Zombies Season 2 Update- Here’s everything we know

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We know that Modern Warfare 3 does have zombies and the brain-eating monsters are here in a whole new way this time around. With Sledgehammer Games leading development this time around, the new zombies mode has been a bit of a crowd-pleaser, and the MW3 Zombies Season 2 update brought a lot of good chances.

Aside from the zombies mode, there’s a lot to love in MW3 with Activision bringing a whole new multiplayer experience from 16 popular maps. And that’s not all as MW3 will also see players continue the much-anticipated campaign where they’ll face Makarov once again. So be sure to go over our MW3 beta start time so you can play the game before November.

MW3 Zombies Update for Season 2

The Season 2 Update to MW3 introduced a lot for the multiplayer modes, but zombies wasn’t left out in the cold. On February 7, the mode got its own set of changes from the patch. Activision started by increasing the drop chance for Ammo Pouches in the High Threat Zone.

New Weapons that were initially introduced in Season 1 have been added to the loot pool for Season 2 and can be found in lockers, crates, and the Mystery Box. The Ray Gun, perhaps the most iconic zombies weapon of all time, got an update, too:

  • Damage increased for both the base weapon and the Pack-A-Punched version
  • Projectile speed has been increased (up 60%) for the base gun and when Pack-A-Punched (up 110%).
  • Reduced the splash damage the Ray Gun will deal to its owner.
    • Players will now enter into a downed state in 8 shots.

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The Ray Gun is one of the best zombies weapons of all time, and it’s back and better than ever. With a few recent tweaks, there’s never been a better time to open that Mystery Box and pray for the Ray Gun.

The Scorcher is another Wonder Weapon that got tweaked. Activision made the following changes:

  • Decreased the time between pressing fire and the Scorcher charging up.
  • Direct impact Plasma damage has been increased (+333%).
  • Lingering Plasma length and diameter now increases with each charge.
  • Lingering Plasma damage has been increased (+428%).
  • Lingering Plasma duration has been adjusted.
    • Lingering Plasma Damage duration for the initial charge has been decreased from 2 seconds to .5.
    • Lingering Plasma Damage duration now increases by 1 second with each charge.
    • Total duration is now longer by .5 seconds (at 4.5 seconds) with this change.

The V-R11 will now hit and deal damage to Aether Worms and the developers addressed an error that prevented players from unlocking the HRM-9 by exfilling with the weapon in their inventory. The Crossbow and Dual Kodachis both had bug fixes sent out as well.

The Juggernaut killstreak also got a few bug fixes to make it a smoother all-around performance. For now, that’s all the new content offered in the MW3 Zombies Season 2 update launch. An in-season patch could offer more later, but that’s all we know for now. Get back to hitting the zombies with these patched weapons or a melee attack!

What to know about MW3 zombies

Modern Warfare 3 zombies will be the series’ “largest zombies offering to date”. However, things are a bit different as well. In this iteration of Zombies, there are both undead and living enemies, Activision confirmed. Also, the threat this time arrives in the form of Terminus Outcomes, a private military company hired by Zakhaev as muscle.

According to Activision in a blog post, “Prepare to face off against a greater quantity of undead than ever before as the members of Operation Deadbolt embark on difficult and multi-stage tasks as Soap and company attempt to stop Zakhaev and Terminus from plundering more resources, all while attempting to contain the current threat before it spreads out of control.

What is Outbreak mode in MW3?

For those who don’t know, Outbreak was a zombie mode that Black Ops Cold War initially had. It presented a drastically different structure compared to modes featured in past entries like World at War and BO1. Instead of fighting off undead creatures trying to break into buildings, Outbreak was similar to MW2 DMZ.

MW3 Gameplay screenshot

Naturally, this meant that Outbreak gave you and your team the chance to explore the map. It also let your squad complete objectives, collect resources, fight off enemies, and eventually exfiltrate if things got too hot. So with Infinity Ward having popularized their own looter shooter in MW2, Sledgehammer Games may be looking to do the same – albeit in a more gimmicky package. However, since this hasn’t been confirmed by Activision yet, you’ll need to take this information with the customary grain of salt.

So while you wait to get your hands on the MW3 beta, be sure to tune in for the Call of Duty Next showcase as you wouldn’t want to miss the CoD Next rewards. Also, if you plan on playing the game on PC, you might want to go over our MW3 predicted system requirements to know if you can it seamlessly.

MW3 Zombies FAQs

Does MW3 Season 2 have Zombies?

Zombies was introduced in Season 1 and has remained for Season 2.

Does MW3 Season 2 Zombies have any updates?

The MW3 Season 2 Update introduced buffs and bug fixes for Zombies mode.

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