Best ISO Hemlock Loadout In MW2 & Warzone 2 

Best ISO Hemlock Loadout In MW2 & Warzone 2 
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Looking for the best ISO Hemlock loadout? We got you. MW2 has been packed full of useful, lethal assault rifles from the very beginning. This always-effective weapon class contains fan favorites and series staples like the M4 and M16.

Any new arrival in the assault rifle category will have to be pretty exceptional in order to make a splash. But luckily, the ISO Hemlock looks lined up to do just that in MW2. With the new season starting tomorrow, see our Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone Season 5 release date hub for everything you need to know.

Best ISO Hemlock Loadout In MW2 & Warzone 2: ISO Hemlock in MW2

MW2 – Best ISO Hemlock Loadout 

Offering a flexible choice between semi-auto and full-auto fire modes, the Hemlock can cover a great deal of ground and help players adapt to any encounter. 

Assault Rifles are among MW2’s most reliable weapon classes, no matter what sidearm you take along, you’ll usually be prepared for mid-long range shootouts or up-close skirmishes. 

How To Unlock The ISO Hemlock In MW2 

Unlike other season 2 weapons such as the Crossbow, the Hemlock is a breeze to unlock in MW2. No optional challenges are needed here. Simply progress far enough into the season 2 battlepass and the Hemlock will be yours to wield. 

Best Perks For The ISO Hemlock 

MW2 Hemlock Perks

Quick Fix 

Topping up your health by picking off enemies will allow you to stay in the game for much longer. You’ll have little trouble racking up lengthy killstreaks with Quick Fix and the Hemlock working in tandem. 


When focusing mostly on one main weapon, you’ll always run the risk of burning through ammo and having to rely on a sidearm. Scavenger mostly eliminates these worries, allowing you to recoup ammo and keep up sustained fire. 

Recommended PerksAlternatives
Quick FixBasic Perk: Overkill
ScavengerBonus Perk: Hardline
Ultimate Perk: Survivor

Overkill, Hardline, Survivor 

MW2 ISO Hemlock Best Attachments 

We’ll be testing the Hemlock extensively at season 2’s launch. We’ll update this section once we’ve found the best attachments for this powerful new rifle. 

Best Weapons To Pair With The ISO Hemlock 

Victus XMR Sniper Rifle 

The ISO Hemlock will already serve you well in most combat scenarios. So, if splashing out on the Overkill perk and bringing along a second main weapon, it might as well be something highly specialized.  

With the right positioning and timing, the Victus XMR will allow you to set up and pick off enemies with near impunity. 

.50GS Handgun 

The Hemlock already has you covered in terms of rapid-fire damage, so why not bring along a sidearm that packs most of its power into single shots? The .50GS can deliver accurate, deadly fire whenever switching to your sidearm is called for. 

ISO Hemlock FAQ 

MW2 how to unlock the ISO Hemlock? 

Progress through MW2’s Season 2 battlepass to unlock the ISO Hemlock. 

Best weapons to use with the ISO Hemlock? 

Pair the ISO Hemlock with the Victus XMR or .50GS for best results.