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Warzone Mobile: Release Date Predictions, Features and more

warzone mobile
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Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile promises to bring all the action and classic, much-loved Call of Duty Warzone features to your mobile phone.

It’s been confirmed Warzone mobile will bring a smaller ‘more focused’ multiplayer mode to the series. How that pans out, well have to wait and see.

Revealed back in September during Call of Duty Next event, Warzone Mobile promises an ambitious 120 players on the map – and these are said to be real live players too. Bots will only be used to improve matchmaking times if needed.

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As excitement builds for the new era of Warzone, set in the stunning desert community of Al Masrah, Warzone Mobile hype is begging to pick up steam.

Instead of Al Masrah, Activision has opted for Warzone Mobile to return to the much-loved original setting of Verdansk, after a lukewarm reception to the second map, Caldera.


So, what do we know so far? Whilst information about Warzone 2.0 has been shared widely, Warzone Mobile is more under wraps. Here’s everything you need to know.

Warzone Mobile – Latest News

CoD: Warzone Mobile is now playable in Australia via Google Play. The iOS release in the same region will be arriving at a later date. Unfortunately, the worldwide launch currently doesn’t have a specified date yet but is most likely planned for 2023.

As mentioned prior, from the very brief teaser trailer showcased at the COD Next event earlier this year, Warzone Mobile will be set in Verdansk.

Elsewhere, the official Twitter account recently teased the mystery pre registration reward for 25 million sign-ups. We now know it’ll be an Operator, but the team are still keeping specifics under wraps.

A teaser video on Twitter showed a shadowy figure picking up a somewhat distinctive looking mask. Most people seem to be convinced it’s Ghost, even though it’s a much different mask than what we’re used to.

Cross-progression has also been confirmed to be a part of Warzone Mobile, with the confirmation this will apply ‘across the franchise’. The website for the game’s developer went live a few days before the announcement.

Warzone Mobile will also likely be on the App Store and Android Marketplace. There are no word yet on system requirements and what mobile phone you’ll need to power the game.

Warzone Mobile Predicted Release Date

CoD: Warzone Mobile is now live in Australia on Google Play. Unfortunately, the iOS version has not been released yet but will hopefully be arriving soon.

As of now, we don’t have a specific release date yet and, alas, we didn’t get a full answer at the CODNEXT event either. Rather, we were just told the game will be coming at some point in 2023.

Originally, there were rumours that Warzone 2.0 is arriving later this year, and although we were hoping Warzone Mobile sneaks into Q4, that seems incredibly unlikely as the New Year draws near.

Warzone Mobile map – what we know so far

Activision confirmed that Warzone Mobile will indeed be taking place on Verdansk, the fan-favourite location from the original Warzone. It’ll even include the Gulag for players to fight for their chance to be brought back into the battle when eliminated.

The game is confirmed to support 120 players – so the map will need to be large enough to give them all room to breathe whilst at the same time never feeling empty.

The team know the task they’ve got ahead of themselves though – responding to fans on YouTube, the official account said “We have been thinking about how best to optimize from the very beginning!”

“It is a huge task though, especially with how massive Verdansk is and how high quality Modern Warfare and Warzone models are. Hopefully we’ll have a wide range of devices we can support by the time we get to our full launch.”

That’s all we know so far about Warzone Mobile, but we’ll keep our ears to the ground if any new information drops.

Warzone Mobile FAQ

Can you get Warzone on mobile?

Australian users can now download it via Google Play. Other regions will be able to very soon. Warzone Mobile has been confirmed and the battle royale game will likely launch in early 2023.

Is Warzone Mobile on iOS?

According to Activision themselves, Warzone Mobile will release on both iOS and Android in 2023. However, pre-registration is currently only available on Android.

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