Warzone Mobile release date window has moved – but it’s getting Rebirth Island

Warzone Mobile release date window has moved – but it’s getting Rebirth Island
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The Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile release date is finally approaching and its arrival promises to bring all the action and classic, much-loved Call of Duty Warzone features to your mobile phones.

The game was first announced over a year ago, and was originally hoping to release soon after MW2. However, after a year of updates and a limited release, it now has a new release window. The bad news is, it won’t make that predicted November date, as the game is now expected to launch in a Spring 2024 window – and we don’t have a date more specific than that just yet.

Warzone Mobile promises an ambitious 120 players on the map – and these are said to be real live players too. Bots will only be used to improve matchmaking times if needed. Instead of Al Mazrah, Activision has opted for Warzone Mobile to return to the much-loved original setting of Verdansk, after a lukewarm reception to the second map, Caldera. As we await the global launch of Warzone Mobile, here is everything we know so far.

Warzone Mobile Release Date: Limited release in select regions

Warzone Mobile news

Activision has now revealed in the last year they’ve made loads of improvements thanks to the game’s limited release, including improved graphics, loadout menus and even the addition of other multiplayer modes besides the battle royale of Warzone. That even includes those familiar to console players like the Shoot the Shipment playlist. However, new is the addition of Rebirth Island and Resurgence Mode.

It had been some time since we’ve had an update on Warzone Mobile, though players in Australia, Chile, Norway and Sweden have been enjoying a limited release of the game since March 2023.

Activision is yet to reveal an official release window outside of ‘2023’ but this new window doesn’t appear to contradict the November date previously listed by Apple and Android store pages, so we’ll leave our predictions as they are for now.

Warzone Mobile Release Date: Using yellow assault rifle in beta gameplay

All four regions have access to the latest limited release update, that includes a range of gameplay features, performance updates, and Battle Passes. Coined a ‘mid-sized update’, the release chiefly address bug fixes touching on graphics, gameplay, and stability. For more details, check out the full patch notes.

The mobile version of the battle royale juggernaut was originally revealed in September 2022 during that year’s Call of Duty Next event. And although it has not been released, the game is already breaking records. Activision confirmed that Warzone Mobile will bring a smaller, ‘more focused’ multiplayer mode to the series. How that pans out, we’ll have to wait and see.

Zombies Mode

According to gaming insider just4leaks2, players better prepare for an undead apocalypse as Warzone Mobile will be getting its very own zombies mode when it launches.

A screenshot of the Warzone Mobile release date announcement on the zombies outbreak Twitter page.

However, like many of the Call of Duty speculations that’s been going around, this is a leak. Activision is yet to confirm if indeed Zombies will be included in Warzone Mobile.

Warzone Mobile requirements

As aforesaid, we already know from the very brief teaser trailer showcased at the COD Next Event that Warzone Mobile will be set in Verdansk. Since the reveal, more than 35 million players have signed up for the game, unlocking Shoot House multiplayer mode, the very same version from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 for global launch.

Warzone Mobile can be pre-ordered on the App Store and Play store for Android devices. There are no official recommended system requirements but the official minimum specs for the Limited Release is as follows:

  • Apple: iPhone 8+ or better
  • Android: Adreno 618 or better
  • Android Memory: 6GB RAM or better
  • Apple Memory: 4GB RAM or better

These minimum requirements are likely to carry over to the game’s global launch. Cross-progression has also been confirmed to be a part of Warzone Mobile.

Warzone Mobile predicted release date

We can speculate that Warzone Mobile will likely launch globally in spring 2024. Activision is yet to announce an more specific release date for the game – but the new window was offered during the 2023 iteration of the Call of Duty Next event.

Warzone Mobile Release Date: Warzone Mobile poster

Of course, that date could still change, but fingers crossed that the game doesn’t suffer any further significant delays from now until then.

Warzone Mobile Map – What We Know So Far

Activision from taking place on fan-favourite location Verdansk, Warzone Mobile will alsp include the Gulag for players to fight for their chance to be brought back into the battle when eliminated. We can expect a large map since the game is looking to contain 120 players. However, it’s also getting the fan favourite Resurgence map Rebirth Island.

The team is seemingly aware of the task at hand after responding to fans on YouTube, the official account said, “We have been thinking about how best to optimize from the very beginning!”

“It is a huge task though, especially with how massive Verdansk is and how high quality Modern Warfare and Warzone models are. Hopefully we’ll have a wide range of devices we can support by the time we get to our full launch.”

That is everything we have to say on Warzone Mobile for now but rest assured we’ll keep our eyes glued on any official update and leaks we sight.

Warzone Mobile Release Date – FAQ

Can you play Warzone Mobile yet?

Users in Australia, Chile, Norway, and Sweden can now download it via Google Play and iOS. Other regions will be able to play soon, with a release window of Spring 2024.

Is Warzone Mobile on iOS?

According to Activision themselves, Warzone Mobile will release on both iOS and Android in Spring 2024. Pre-registration is available now.