New Palworld update patch notes 0.1.3 and include huge bug fixes

New Palworld update patch notes 0.1.3 and include huge bug fixes
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Palworld is doing exceedingly well and it is lots of fun, but it’s important for fans to remember that it is far from the finished product as it is only in early access. Developer Pocketpair is committed to frequently updating the game, and this has been demonstrated by all of the patches since its launch on January 19th. Two new downloads have been released today, and here are the Palworld update 0.1.3 and patch notes for Xbox and Steam.

If you have just joined the survival epic then you should take in all of the Pals part of the full Paldeck. You can either butcher Pals for crafting materials and meat, or you can instead care for Pals and cure them of injuries, sickness, and depression. There is lots of content already available, but even more will be added during the game’s stay in early access.

While more content is planned for the future, right now the paramount focus is on bug fixes and stability. A new update has been released on both Steam and Xbox and here you will find the patch notes.

Palworld update 0.1.3 and patch notes

Below are the patch notes for Palworld update 0.1.3 on Steam and on Xbox:

  • Fixed a bug where the loading screen did not end when logging into the world.
  •  Fixed a bug where the world date was not displayed correctly and appeared to reset.
  •  Corrected various incorrect text.
  •  Countermeasures against various cheats and exploits.

All of the above come courtesy of the official Palworld_EN Twitter account. It’s noted on the official Pocketpair Discord that the changes are the same for Xbox and Steam.

There’s no specific mention of what the countermeasures against cheats and exploits include, but the following message was posted on Discord:

‘Currently, some players have been confirmed to be cheating on the official servers. We will apply a patch soon, but it is currently difficult to completely prevent all cheating immediately. We will continue to focus even more on security and aim to create an environment where everyone can play with peace of mind. We sincerely apologize to all players who have been affected by this incident.’

Check out the official roadmap for more updates coming over the next 12 months. While bug fixes and stability are paramount now, the game will eventually add more content such as bosses and islands.

And in other Palworld news, the Pokémon Company has released a statement in response to all of the comparisons, meanwhile, PETA has said they want a Vegan guide in the game.