Palworld estimated to have made nearly $500 million in less than two months

Palworld estimated to have made nearly $500 million in less than two months
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Palworld is arguably the biggest winner of the year so far alongside Arrowhead’s brilliant Helldivers 2. Both games are great experiences that have quickly gained massive fandoms. Despite only being in early access for less than two months and not from a big AAA studio, Palworld is estimated to have made nearly $500 million since launch.

Pocketpair has released a new update exclusively for Xbox. The update patch notes are available online, and the update kills a nasty Xbox save bug complained about by many in the community. Another recent update added a significant change players should know about, meanwhile, one of the game’s devs has said a highly-requested feature isn’t possible on either Steam or Xbox.

No new content has been released for the game since release and the 24-hour peak player count on SteamDB has dropped from over two million to now below 170,000. However, the game’s future is bright as developer Pocketpair is working on new content, and the game has reportedly made almost $500 million.

Palworld estimated to have made almost $500 million

Palworld is estimated to have made $442 million gross LTD since its early access launch on January 19th. This comes courtesy of expert and GameDiscoverCo company founder Simon Carless in their report and survey posted on March 4th looking at how many PC games get bought but never played.

This incredible gross hasn’t been confirmed by Pocketpair, but the devs have revealed that over 25 million players have entered the game’s open world since its launch in January. Not only that, but Microsoft has also confirmed that Palworld is the biggest Xbox Game Pass launch ever for a third-party game with over seven million players between January 19th and January 31st.

The $442 million gross life-to-date educated estimation is even more impressive when considering the game is available at no extra cost on Xbox Game Pass, and also doesn’t share the full price of AAA games. While most AAA game Standard editions cost between $60-$70, Palworld is $29.99 on Steam.

As for how Palworld compares to other games, GameDiscoverCo’s Simon Carless’ says Helldivers 2 is estimated to have made $210 million gross LTD since its launch on February 8th, meanwhile, Enshrouded is estimated to have $42 million.

While the player count of Palworld has significantly dipped from an over two-million 24-hour peak to now below 170,000, the game is still in the top 10 for SteamDB’s most played games. It is also still in early access only and it has the backing of Microsoft with Xbox officially partnering with Palworld.

The game has a very bright future ahead of it, too. The official roadmap outlines new planned content, and the devs have said new content and possible DLC will be free. There’s also the possibility it will come to PS5 sometime in the future.

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Palworld is available on Steam, along with Xbox and PC through Game Pass.