New Palworld mode devs are experimenting with has fans worried

New Palworld mode devs are experimenting with has fans worried
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Palworld fans have lots to anticipate. A new pal and feature is on the cusp of coming out, and the game will continually be updated throughout the year. One of the teased additions for the game’s promising future was PvP. We haven’t heard about PvP for a while, but some Palworld fans have expressed concerns with the upcoming new mode that developer Pocketpair is currently experimenting with.

As mentioned, there is a lot for fans to be excited about in the short term. There is the arrival of a new evil pal coming very soon, and this will be accompanied by a ‘beautiful’ quality-of-life change to base management. In addition, Pocketpair has confirmed an official partnership that will let players create dedicated servers in ‘just three seconds’.

While the imminent arrival of a new evil pal and QoL changes to base management are exciting, so too is everything else teased in the roadmap that was delivered all the way back in January. Some fans may have forgotten about the prospect of PvP, but it is something that Pocketpair intends to deliver in the future.

Palworld fans share concerns about PvP

Palworld developer Pocketpair has teased the inclusion of PvP joining the game sometime in the future. Ahead of the game’s early access release, the developer shared a launch FAQ that stated the following in response to queries about whether the game supports PvP:

‘PvP will not be supported at the initial release. However, we are currently testing PvP internally and experimenting with different approaches. We want to find the right type of PvP that fits Palworld and when it is ready, we will share news with you all.’

Nothing official has been shared about PvP ever since, but recently fans shared some thoughts and concerns. Taking to Reddit, user Low_Info_Cloud created a thread saying they ‘hope when PvP comes out there’s a restriction on using the legendary pals‘.

In response, one user said ‘there should be some restrictions’ citing how Pokémon ‘players are able to use up to 2 restricted Pokémon per team (restricted Pokémon are mostly legendaries)’. Another user replied ‘Hopefully the PvP is good enough to warrant having both a restricted and unrestricted league format’.

The major concern amongst players seems to be that there needs to be restrictions so that teams and pals are varied in terms of size, power, and other metrics. However, as pointed out by one fan, ‘meta will happen in any game as long as there is a clear distinction between gear/pals/weapons, etc.’.

Unfortunately, while we don’t know when PvP will join the game, we also don’t have an idea of how it will work as no details have been provided. The only titbits shared on the game’s Discord is that ‘it won’t be PvP from Rust’ and that ‘Palworld has a vision for PvP that will fit into the world without suffering from the same pitfalls [of] every other survival game… it was never going to be just “PvP toggle on go nuts”‘.

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