Palworld is getting new evil pal and epic battle in update coming soon

Palworld is getting new evil pal and epic battle in update coming soon
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Palworld is one of the biggest and best games of the year so far, and fans have eagerly been anticipating new content. Developer Pocketpair has been hard at work delivering bug fixes, but now new content is on the cusp of coming out. And this new content for Palworld includes a new evil pal and epic raid battle event coming soon in an update.

If you wish to help developer Pocketpair, you can sign up to test ‘exciting new content’ and future updates for the game before they are released to the general public. The developer is also hiring for a new exciting opportunity fans can apply for, so there is lots the community can become involved with in addition to playing the game.

New content has been promised since almost day one with the release of the roadmap, and one of the advertised additions for the future has always been more pals. You can breed new unreleased pals from Pocketpair right now, but soon the developer is officially adding a new evil pal and raid battle event.

Pocketpair shares new evil pal coming to Palworld soon

Palworld developer Pocketpair has shared a new ‘powerful evil Pal’ coming to the game in a future update. This new pal is named Bellanoir, and the trailer embedded in the Palworld_EN Twitter post provides a first look at her design.

New Palworld pal Bellanoir
Image credit: Pocketpair

Again, she is described as ‘powerful’ and ‘evil,’ and she will appear in the Palpagos Islands. Unlike most pals you capture, you will go up against her in the game’s first-ever raid battle.

Both the raid battle and new pal will drop in a free update. Unfortunately, there’s no mention of exactly when this update will come out, but the developer’s Twitter post says it is ‘coming soon’.

This is a very exciting imminent update for the game. There are over 100 pals part of the complete paldeck already, but fans have been starving for even more to be added to the overworld. And not only are we getting a pal, but we are also getting a raid battle that should delight the community.

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Palworld is available on Steam, along with Xbox and PC through Game Pass.