Easy Palworld XP glitch lets fans quickly max out pals and character

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Palworld is in early access and developer Pocketpair has done a good job of ironing out glitches and bugs. They have erased more of the significant bugs while also addressing the issue of cheaters, but it’s only natural that some bugs and glitches persist. It’s not bad when the glitches are favorable rather than harmful, such as this Palworld XP glitch that lets players quickly max out pals and their character.

Pocketpair released two back-to-back updates at the end of February. One of them added a significant change players must know about concerning fire and ice, meanwhile, another stealthily added censorship not included in the patch notes. Pocketpair also fixed a popular bug they are sorry for fixing.

While all of the above was fixed and added in the updates at the end of February, for the time being, the developer has not yet fixed a Palworld XP glitch for pals and character.

Palworld XP glitch to max out pals and character

There are two Palworld XP glitches to max out your pals and player character. To max out your desired pals, it’s imperative that you have them part of your active party otherwise the glitch will not work for them specifically.

One of the possible glitches you can pull off involves Tower Bosses. The updates fixed the bug where you could catch the tower bosses, but Pocketpair has not yet fixed this XP glitch. This glitch comes courtesy of Sportskeeda, and you need to follow the below steps:

  • Have a pal that you can mount with a meat cleaver ready
  • Go to the bridge inside the tower and summon your pal
  • Perform the meat cleaver butchering glitch with your pal and then pet it
  • Drop your pal and pick it back up
  • Mount your pal and fly up to the farthest point in the tower by spamming the rise button
  • Having hit the roof, you will come down to the boss and it should be completely frozen in place
  • Take down the boss with any weapon or pal of your choice

And that’s the tower boss glitch to quickly get lots of XP towards maxing out your character and active party pals. The other glitch, again courtesy of Sportskeeda, involves base building. This doesn’t give as much XP as the above tower boss exploit, but the amount of XP you can get is infinite.

Again, follow the below steps:

  • Build a foundation with a wall on top
  • Attach a roof to the outer side of the wall opposite the foundation
  • Take another wall and align it with the center of the roof
  • This should automatically snap
  • Spam the build continuously button

Rather than building the structure, the required resources will drop below it and you will earn the XP anyway. These are just two XP glitches that haven’t been resolved yet judging by the recent patch notes. It’s possible they could be removed in a new update, so, if you wish to perform the exploits, make sure to do it as soon as possible.

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