Palworld devs tease ‘beautiful’ new quality-of-life change coming to base management

Palworld devs tease ‘beautiful’ new quality-of-life change coming to base management
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Pocketpair continues to bring in fresh updates to the massively popular Palworld, and this new Palworld update targets a much-needed quality-of-life change for your base management. The upcoming update, which also brings in a new raid boss in the form of Bellanoir, is changing how the Monitoring Station works.

Palworld is one of the biggest and best games of the year so far, and fans are clamouring for new content all the time. Due to the success and demand, Pocketpair has been delivering bug fixes and other updates since the game’s massively successful launch. This planned addition to Palworld includes a new system to toggle the Work Suitability of your Pals.

Pocketpair clearly listens to its community and fans, and there’s a way to help them even more. You can sign up to test ‘exciting new content’ and future updates for the game before they are released publically. New content has been promised since almost day one with the release of the roadmap, and one of the advertised additions for the future has always been more pals.

Palworld devs reveal a new quality-of-life change coming
Image courtesy of Pocketpair

Pocketpair shares a sneak peek of Monitoring Stand update coming to Palworld soon

Shared in the official Pocketpair Discord via an image, it looks like this new feature will let you essentially turn on or off the Work Suitability traits your Pals have. This new Palworld update will work wonders for your base management, and stop several of your Pals from stepping out of line and slowing down your production.

Bucky – the Community Manager at Pocketpair – shared the image in the ‘community-announcements’ channel. The post read: “A little sneak peek of another feature in the upcoming date… When you’re not taking on Bellanoir, enjoy some relaxing base management”. The image they shared shows a new layout of the Monitoring Stand, and it appears that you can toggle every base Pal and their Work Suitability.

What this means is if you have a Pal who is great at everything, but terrible at log collecting for example, then you can toggle off their log collecting to have them focus on what they’re good at. The Discord post has hundreds of positive reactions, while this Reddit thread is flooded with comments from fans saying it’s something they’ve always wanted.

In addition to the Monitoring Stand update, Pocketpair has a ton of new content for the game in the planned update. We will see our first ‘Evil Pal‘ and the game will have its first raid boss to tackle.

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