MW3 adds knee pads that will make you slide further in matches

MW3 adds knee pads that will make you slide further in matches
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MW3 is adding various pieces of gear that will give you certain advantages while in matches and one of the most significant introductions that were revealed during the CoD Next 2023 event was the inclusion of knee pads that will let you slide further in matches.

With the slide cancel mechanic set to make a return to Activision’s upcoming installment, this unique piece of gear should come in even handier once the Modern Warfare 3 release date kicks off. It will give you a significant movement advantage against other players and enable you to traverse MW3 maps much more quickly, allowing you to get frags easily.

Keep in mind that you won’t immediately have access to these fancy new knee pads in MW3 because you will need to earn these first before you can use them. Unfortunately, the developers haven’t revealed how you’ll be able to get them in the game, so you’ll have to remain patient for now until you can try out the next entry for yourself once the MW3 beta start time rolls around.

Of course, these aren’t the only valuable pieces of gear that can be acquired in the game, as different types of equipment are set to be introduced as well, such as gloves, boots, and other accessories. It’s currently unclear what kind of advantages these will bring, but based on Sledgehammer Games’ statements, they’ll most likely be as valuable as the perk that these knee pads bring.

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