MW3 Ground War – what is Ground War in MW3?

MW3 Ground War – what is Ground War in MW3?
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Looking for information on Ground War in MW3? You’ve come to the right place. In Modern Warfare 2 Ground War is a more realistic and intense take on the traditional multiplayer experience. It has larger maps, more vehicles and could contain more than 100 players. 

With the global launch of Modern Warfare 3 just slightly over a month away, players can still get their hands on MW3 by playing the beta. So if you’re not yet caught up on how to access it, be sure to go over our MW3 beta start time which includes how you can access the beta on all platforms. For now, let’s talk about Ground War in MW3. 


What is Ground War in MW3

Ground War is one of the most beloved modes in the Modern Warfare series which Activision has now confirmed will be making a return in MW3. The Call of Duty publisher revealed that both Ground War and War Modes will return on November 10. 

In addition to the 16 core launch maps in MW3, Activision has also introduced four expansive environments to  enhance the game’s experience with various new play areas. These consist of three entirely new Battle Maps, expansive locations where the Ground War and Invasion game modes will take place in MW3. 

Also, there is a “single colossal War map” signifying the return and evolution of the renowned War Mode, which first originally appeared in Call of Duty WWII (2017). 

How Ground War is expected to work in MW3

As we stated during our Ground War in MW2 guide, the matches are typically divided into two teams, with each team trying to capture and control a series of objectives, so we expect Ground War in MW3 to have similar gameplay rules like the Ground War in MW2. 

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Ground War matches can be very chaotic and unpredictable, but they are also very rewarding. Players who are able to work together as a team and communicate effectively are much more likely to succeed. Possibly, we will get to know more about Ground War in MW3 during the Call of Duty Next event later today. 

If you don’t plan on watching the event, we suggest you do as Activision will be rewarding each fan that tunes in with CoD Next rewards. So be sure to go over our Call of Duty Next start date and time to know when and how to jump into what the Call of Duty publisher describes as a “premier showcase”. 

In the meantime, things are heating up in MW2 and Warzone Season 6 and if you haven’t already bought an operator skin in the new season yet, we suggest you consider getting the Hellsing bundle in MW2 which comes with an Alucard skin.