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*LIVE NOW* MW2 Double XP – When is the next Double XP Weekend in Modern Warfare 2?

MW2 Double XP
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Another Double XP weekend for popular multiplayer shooters Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 has kicked off this weekend.

An ever-popular mechanic in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 (MW2), Double XP allows players to earn experience twice as fast as usual for a limited time.

Already, Infinity Ward granted those who purchased the Vault Edition 10 hours worth of Double XP / Double Weapon XP as an apology for issues facing those who originally bought the game.

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For those who didn’t buy the Vault Edition, Double XP weekends give all players a boost to their XP from Friday to Monday, allowing fans to spend their free time earning sweet rewards.

There are loads of ways to get Double XP currently, from activating tokens and checking out various promos. But the most effective and quickest way to get Double XP comes during a Call of Duty Double XP weekend.


When Is The Next Double XP Weekend In MW2?

As per the Raven Software Warzone Trello board, the next Double XP Weekend is set to kick off in Warzone 2 and MW2 from January 26 until January 30, 2023.

Just as has been the case with previous Double XP weekends, PlayStation users will get an extra day, being able to enjoy Double XP from 6pm UK time or 10AM PT / 2PM ET on January 26.

Then, PC and Xbox owners will be able to get in on the fun, on January 27 at 6pm UK time or 10am PT/ 2PM ET.

The Double XP weekend will continue until January 30 at 6pm UK time or 10AM PT / 2PM ET. It should be noted that so far Raven has only given this update to the Warzone 2 Trello board, and Infinity Ward is yet to update the dedicated MW2 multiplayer one, but we’d be very surprised if the weekend didn’t apply to both.

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Double XP Weekends are a period of time where the majority of your progression is doubled. This includes weapons, battle passes, and also prestige and level progression.

The most recent Double XP event before the latest one, came as part of the game’s Season 1 Reloaded update, back in December.

How To Redeem Double XP Tokens In MW2

One way is part of the game’s Vault Edition. You can even earn some just by playing the game’s campaign.

First off, make sure you’ve redeemed your codes to get your Double XP tokens. There’s multiple ways to do this, and they depend on how you earned your token.

If you got them from playing the campaign, you need to do very little as they should already be tied to your account in multiplayer – obviously make sure you are using the same one you completed the campaign with.

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With DMZ now launched, you can now earn double XP tokens through doing specific DMZ missions as prior to exiting the mode.

Of course, the battle pass will have XP tokens up for grabs all throughout the pass too.

How To Activate Double XP Tokens In MW2

If it’s an external promo, such as Burger King, Mountain Dew or similar, these usually have their own bespoke URL to redeem your code, but more often than not these will redirect to some form of redeem page on the Call of Duty website.

Using Double XP tokens in MW2’s multiplayer is very straightforward. First, you just need to be in the multiplayer lobby.

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Once there, you should see – next to the button to customise your loadout – a button for XP Tokens. Head into there, and simply activate your token.

Typically tokens count down from when you activate them – regardless of whether you’re in a game or not – so to maximize your time, make sure you actually intend to play for the duration of the token.

MW2 Double XP Weekend – FAQ

Is There Double XP in MW2?

The first Double XP event began on November 30th for PS users and December 1st for Xbox and PC users. It ran until December 2nd. The most recent one took place on December 15th at 10AM PT.

How Do You Get XP in MW2?

The current way to amass more XP outside of Double XP events is by playing modes such as Invasion and Domination.

How To Get Double Weapon XP in MW2?

Double Weapon XP is currently only available via tokens.

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