*BREAKING* Valderas Museum Map Is Returning To MW2

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Players who’ve been enjoying the new Modern Warfare 2 (MW2) multiplayer experience have found themselves wondering for quite some time where one of the popular maps from the beta has disappeared to: The Valderas Museum.

This familiar museum map was a bright daytime setting that was a regular fixture on the game’s open beta. That said, it wasn’t even listed in the maps on the Infinity Ward thread the day of launch and hasn’t been added to the game since.

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However, will this be the case for long? Here’s what we know so far.

Will Valderas Museum Return To MW2?

It’s official! Call of Duty announced that the Valderas Museum Map will be making its debut in Modern Warfare 2 come the arrival of Season 2 on February 15, 2023.

This is massive news for the community, who’ve been stuck wondering for months what happened to the hit beta map that many grew to enjoy prior to MW2’s launch.

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A fairly recent post from CharlieIntel on Twitter initially suggested that we could see the Valderas Museum Map return sooner than we thought. In that Twitter post, all you see is a picture of the Valderas Museum Map with no caption or hashtags of any kind to hint when it could return or why it’s being posted.

Well, it turns out CharlieIntel was correct after all, and the famous Valderas Museum Map will indeed be coming back as a core map in MW2’s Multiplayer mode.

Why Did The Valderas Museum Not Launch With MW2?

It’s been speculated by fans that the map may have been removed for similar reasons to the Grand Prix map’s removal during the beta.

According to fans on Reddit, it appears that map is based on a real life museum in California – the Getty Museum. However, California law prohibits depictions of violence in public places.

While Infinity Ward have deliberately tried to make some differences to ensure it’s not mistaken for the real world location – including setting it in a different country – perhaps the similarities were still a little too close for Activision’s legal teams.

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It’s worth pointing out Activision hasn’t confirmed this – or even commented on its original removal. However, this has already happened once before – with the Grand Prix map – which had some tweaks made and is now known as Crown Raceway.

However, other fans believe that the map may have just been taken down for gameplay reasons, as many felt it wasn’t well designed for the game. This may not be the last time Infinity Ward are in turmoil when it comes to maps as it’s becoming a trending sequence of events, which isn’t entirely great.

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