MW2 players are demanding refunds after learning of new 2023 CoD title

MW2 players are demanding refunds after learning of new 2023 CoD title
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The MW2 player base has seemingly reached the end of its rope with the notorious FPS franchise after hearing about Activision’s reported plans to release another CoD title in late 2023.

Though it hasn’t officially been confirmed yet, reports are suggesting that this new entry, which was initially supposed to be an expansion, will now be a standalone release instead.

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If this new game is indeed going to be released in the near future, this would make MW2 one of the shortest titles in the entire series with it having only been released in October 2022. With this in mind, a large number of players within the community are stating that they feel lied to since they were under the impression that this would be a 2-year CoD release.

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Numerous posts on Reddit have already gone up with one in particular gaining plenty of popularity due to its relatability. The post creator initially said that they had spent real money on the game outside of the Battle Pass for the first time last year because they assumed that the game would be relevant for at least 2 years. This gave them hope that the items and bundles they had would continue to remain usable throughout its duration.

Now that the latest reports about the new entry have been revealed, however, they’re starting to regret the purchases they made since the game is seemingly going to be abandoned by Infinity Ward and Raven Software. The user goes on to end the thread by saying that they’ll still keep playing, but that they want their money back for the cosmetics they bought up to this point.

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Players commenting under the same thread are naturally in agreement with the post’s author. One response even says that they had bought the game because they also believed it would similarly get 2 years of content. They then call on others in the community to boycott all bundles since this is apparently the only way to show their dissatisfaction with how Activision is handling this issue.

Based on how Activision has handled previous issues with their latest title, however, the demands of the disgruntled MW2 community may end up being completely ignored once again much to the chagrin of the loyal player base.