Monster Hunter Rise confirms all current Switch content will be on PC version at launch

Monster Hunter Rise confirms all current Switch content will be on PC version at launch
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Capcom has confirmed that the upcoming PC release of Monster Hunter Rise will be on par with the Switch version—including all the latter’s post release content—from day one.

The studio reassured fans of the news via their Steam page (spotted by Eurogamer). “When Monster Hunter Rise launches on Steam, it will include all of the content up to Ver.3.6.1 of the Nintendo Switch version.” They added: “we are also planning to synch the content with the Nintendo Switch version at the end of February 2022”.

This means the game will include all updates and DLC released for the game so far. This includes updates like new monsters and even a new ending added in the game’s 3.0 patch. But also this includes all six of the crossover collaboration DLC events the game has held so far.

These include five Capcom Collaborations; which kicked off with sister title Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin. But it also saw the game get visits from Okami, Street Fighter, Mega Man 11 and Ghosts ‘n’ Goblins. There’s also the most recent non-Capcom addition that sees Sega mascot Sonic the Hedgehog arrive from today.

Alas, the game will not support cross-play or cross-saves between the PC and Switch versions, as previously established. Nevertheless, it means players of the PC version will be able to dive right in with a whole host of content from the off. Both versions of the game will also get the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak expansion when it arrives this summer.

Monster Hunter Rise will arrive on PC on January 12. If you want to check out our review from the Switch versions’ launch, you can read that over here.