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by on Aug 25, 2021

Monster Hunter Rise welcomes Akuma in Street Fighter crossover later this week

Capcom has announced its next Collaboration event in Monster Hunter Rise, with a Street Fighter crossover coming later this week.

As per the announcement, hunters will be able to take on a unique Event Quest from August 27. Completing it successfully will unlock layered armour that transforms your hunter into Akuma. Not only will it change your voice and appearance, but it’ll also unlock a few extra moves based on the baddie’s moveset from Street Fighter. He’ll even do a special pose on the Quest Completed screen.

Meanwhile, equipping a sword and shield as him will let you attack with punches and kicks. You’ll be able to pull off a Perfect Rush and even unleash his specials such as the Gohadoken and his iconic Zanku Hadoken.

It’s the third such ‘Capcom Collaboration’ the game has hosted since Monster Hunter Rise‘s launch back in March. Back in July, the game allowed players to earn a skin turning their Palemute into Amaterasu from 2006 adventure Okami.

Check out the Monster Hunter Rise & Street Fighter collaboration trailer for yourself below. It lands in Monster Hunter Rise on August 27 for the Nintendo Switch. You can have a read of Josh’s review of the main game right over this way.


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