Monster Hunter Rise won’t support cross-play or cross-progression

Monster Hunter Rise won’t support cross-play or cross-progression
Ben Borthwick Updated on by

Capcom has confirmed that it won’t support cross-play between the Nintendo Switch and PC versions of Monster Hunter Rise.

With the action RPG set to hit the PC in January, Hunters were hoping to be able to bring their progress across from the original Switch release. However, a tweet from the game’s official account put the kibosh on those plans. “We’ve heard your requests for Cross-Save/Cross-Play for Monster Hunter Rise and Sunbreak. But unfortunately, after looking into it throughout the development process, we found we are unable to implement it this time. As always, we appreciate your continued feedback and support.”

Hopes were originally seemingly raised after a player survey following the announcement of the PC version last month. As spotted by Nibellion on Twitter, the survey explicitly asked fans what would make the PC version more appealing. Cross-save and cross-progression were even offered up as one of the potential answers. Alas, it now seems evident the question wasn’t alluding to any features that would actually come to fruition.

Still, even without cross-play the PC version of Monster Hunter Rise will still include 4K resolution support, voice chat and more. A demo will be landing for the PC version tomorrow. It also helps that it’s an excellent game in its own right, so if you’ve not experienced it on Switch yet it’s worth a look in.

The expansion—Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak—meanwhile, will land on both Nintendo Switch and PC in the Summer of 2022.