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Monster Hunter Rise gets an Okami crossover this week

Monster Hunter Rise Okami
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Capcom has announced a crossover between Monster Hunter Rise and classic mid-00’s Japanese mythology adventure Okami.

Completing the game’s weekly ‘Event Quests’ this week earns players a reward of an Amaterasu skin for their Palemute. And isn’t it lovely with its white coat and distinctive red markings? As an excellent final touch the Ammy Skin, as it’s known, even leaves a cherry blossom effect as you run.

In case you’re not aware, Okami is an action adventure by Capcom’s now defunct Clover Studio, also responsible for the Viewtiful Joe series. It originally released on the PlayStation 2 in 2006 but would also release in HD on various platforms since. It’s most recent release was Okami HD on Nintendo Switch in 2018. We’d quite like a sequel, but there’s been very little word on that front aside from Ikumi Nakamura saying she’d like to pitch one last year.

Still, Monster Hunter Rise is very good in its own right, and we’re not going to look a gift horse (or sun goddess) in the mouth, especially when it looks as good as this. Check the Ammy Skin in action for yourself by peeping the video below. The Monster Hunter Rise and Okami crossover lands as an event reward in the game on Nintendo Switch on July 30.

Monster Hunter Rise

on Nintendo Switch, PC

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26 March 2021