Modern Warfare 2 MULTIPLAYER release time – when can you play MW2 in US, UK

Modern Warfare 2 MULTIPLAYER release time – when can you play MW2 in US, UK
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Modern Warfare 2’s campaign early access has arrived – but fans are now hungrier than ever to get their hands on multiplayer – which is rolling out across the world as we speak.

Call of Duty fans in New Zealand are NOW able to play the game as it has launched in the region. NZ was the first country to get the full game.

Footage is finding its way on to Twitch and other video channels, showing off the games maps, weapons and more.

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Remember to play through the brilliant story mode – starring Ghost, Soap Mactavish et al. to acquire a ton of campaign rewards. There are also multiple safes that contain weapon blueprints, which can be found in the game’s missions.

Now that the campaign has had its time in the sun, here’s when you’ll be able play MW2’s stunning multiplayer on PlayStation, Xbox and PC platforms.

If you want to get ahead of the game, make sure to check out our detailed guides – including the best set up for the M4, Kastov and more.

Modern Warfare 2 – Multiplayer release time

Activision has now confirmed when players can expect to jump in on Modern Warfare II’s multiplayer on launch day.

It’s good news for fans of the COD franchise on the US West coast as they’ll technically get to play on the 27th, while everyone else gets access on October 28. 

Here’s the full regional rollout – and their release times – in full:

MW2 Multiplayer Release Time US

  • October 27: 9PM PDT (Los Angeles)
  • October 27: 11PM CT (Texas)
  • October 28: 12AM EDT (New York)

MW2 Multiplayer Release Time UK

  • October 28: 12AM GMT (Console)
  • October 28: 5AM GMT (PC)

MW2 Multiplayer Release Time South Korea

October 28: 12AM KST (Seoul)

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MW2 Multiplayer Release Time Japan

October 28: 12AM JST (Tokyo)

MW2 Multiplayer Release Time China

  • October 28: 12AM CST (Beijing) 

MW2 Multiplayer Release Time New Zealand

  • October 28: 12AM NZDT – NOW OUT

You’re of course able to pre-load the game right now, too. You can find everything you need to know about it in our Modern Warfare 2 preload hub. The full list of MW2 multiplayer game modes can be seen here.

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Following the release, the new Warzone 2.0 will follow, set in the new Al Mazrah map. Expect plenty of double XP weekends to follow suit, too.

MW2 Release Time FAQ

What time is MW2 multiplayer out?

The MW2 multiplayer will unlock about midnight local time on Xbox and PlayStation on October 28.

Meanwhile, on the PC MW2 multiplayer’s rollout will happen globally at the same time – 12am Eastern on Friday October 28. That works out to around 5am in the morning in the UK.

What time does MW2 campaign release UK?

MW2’s campaign launched around 6PM GMT on October 20th – a week prior to the multiplayer launch.