Modern Warfare 2: Safe Codes And Safe Locations 

Modern Warfare 2: Safe Codes And Safe Locations 
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The members of Task Force 141 in Modern Warfare 2 are all elite soldiers, but did you know that they’re also expert safecrackers? There are three hidden safes to be found in the MW2 campaign – that’ll unlock rewards for Ghost and co. 

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 features two missions with optional codes to find and safes to unlock.

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Each safe contains useful combat rewards and opening them all will grant an achievement, on top of giving you a real boost in their respective levels. Remember, there are lots of rewards for finishing the MW2 campaign too.

We’ll help you locate all three safes in Modern Warfare 2, get them open and unlock the Gentleman Thief achievement.

Modern Warfare 2: Safe Codes / Locations – El Sin Nombre 
Rewards: Plate Carrier / Lockwood 300 Shotgun

Modern Warfare 2 Safe El Sin Nombre
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The first safe code can be used to open El Sin Nombre’s safe, which is located inside Diego’s bedroom.

Its location isn’t immediately apparent at first, you’ll need to open the sliding doors to access the wardrobe first. The safe is on the floor inside, embedded in the wall.

The code is located on a hanging portrait. Enter the date displayed on the portrait to open the safe.

Open the safe with the code 02-02-19 to receive a Plate Carrier and the Lockwood 300 Shotgun.

Modern Warfare 2 Safe Codes / Locations – Alone 

Alone – First Safe
Rewards: Throwing Knife / .980 handgun

Modern Warfare 2 Safe Alone
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Unlike El Sin Nombre, the Alone mission features two safes. They are both accessible as Soap attempts to reach Ghost’s location. The first can be found in a coffee shop, again hidden behind a door that must be opened to access the safe.

The code for this safe is hidden on a calendar in the room nearby.

Use the code 10-10-80 to open the safe and claim a Throwing Knife and the .980 Handgun.

Alone – Second Safe
Rewards: Crossbow / Gentleman Thief achievement

Final Code
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Alone’s second safe is located very close to the first in Modern Warfare 2, cutting down on the time you’ll spend searching for them. Close to the coffee shop is a garage and repair shop.

The code for the final safe can be found on the repair shop computer.

Enter the code 37-60-80 to gain a Crossbow and unlock the Gentleman Thief achievement for your efforts.

MW2 Safe FAQ

Which missions have safes in Modern Warfare 2?

One safe can be found in mission 11: El Sin Nombre, and two are located in mission 13: Alone.

Where are the safe codes in Modern Warfare 2?

The code for the El Sin Nombre safe is located on a painting near its respective safe. The Alone safe codes can be found on a calendar in the coffee shop and on the computer in the repair shop.