Leaked Fortnite Rocket Racing maps point to massive crossover next season

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Fortnite is an incredibly popular multiplayer experience full of amazing collaborations. Right now the game is collaborating with Star Wars once more, but fans can rest assure that even more exciting and new crossovers with equally famous IPs are on the way. While nothing is confirmed right now, leaked Fortnite Rocket Racing maps point to a massive crossover for next season.

The release date for Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3 is imminent. The first skin for Season 3 has already leaked, and so too has the Season 3 map and theme. Provided the leaks are accurate as per their reliable sources, fans should be ready for a bigger and even more chaotic episode set to begin very soon.

Not only will the upcoming new episode continue Epic Games’ tale with the gods of Greek mythology, but it will also include new crossovers. No collaborations are confirmed yet, but we could be getting Pirates of the Caribbean judging by leaked Rocket Racing maps.

Leaked Fortnite Rocket Racing maps point to Pirates of the Caribbean crossover

Reliable leaker iFireMonkey has revealed that the following Fortnite Rocket Racing maps are in development:

  • Coral Cove
  • Gold Rush
  • Pirate Adventure

While some users in the replies are hopeful of a crossover with One Piece, it’s far more likely that these in-development maps are pointing to Pirates of the Caribbean instead. Not only are the maps obviously pirate themed, but a leaked roadmap of future Fortnite seasons has already suggested that a PotC collaboration is happening in Chapter 5 Season 3.

On top of the above leaked Rocket Racing maps, Hypex also posted in April that Pirates of the Caribbean is coming to Fortnite in July. This obviously isn’t official, but Hypex has said that the leak is real and no longer a rumor.

Provided a collaboration with PotC does happen next season, it could be the best crossover Epic Games have delivered. Jack Sparrow is an obvious must as a skin, but there’s also one of the greatest designed movie villains of all time in Davey Jones.

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