Helldivers 2 needs to focus on Terminids if it wants to succeed

Helldivers 2 needs to focus on Terminids if it wants to succeed
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Helldivers 2 players are under the constant threat of the Terminids and Automatons, although many believe a third threat, the Illuminate, is set to arrive in the game soon. In recent weeks, the main focus has been on the Terminids, with the past few Major Orders being focused on eradicating them from the planets surrounding Super Earth. Before this, the focus was on the Automatons, but players think that Arrowhead Game Studios needs to forget about them to keep the game as popular as it currently is.

Players have taken to Reddit to discuss the Terminids and Automatons and the state of the game while each was the primary focus, with the majority preferring the direction Helldivers 2 is going in currently with the Terminids being front and center. The Automatons haven’t been featured in the game since the Tien Kwan Major Order which introduced the exosuit mechs, although players can still complete missions on the planets where they roam.

The Tien Kwan Major Order, and the previous defense campaign, were incredibly difficult to complete and many feel this turned players away from the Automatons, which could explain why the focus has shifted away from them as Arrowhead Game Studios look to nerf the robots before reintroducing them into the story.

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One of the main complaints of the Automatons is that some have one-shot capabilities, as well as very high accuracy. This often leads to players being killed without being able to defend themselves, or even know where the missile came from. A counterpoint by u/RaydenBelmont is that the reason many players avoid them is that they don’t know how to fight them as the strategies that work against the Terminids don’t work against the Automatons. The strategy for the Terminids favors a run-and-gun play style, whereas the Automatons will punish the player for this, instead favoring a more methodical and tactical approach.

U/Dinodietonight provided some advice for players to take on the robots and how they should be approached compared to the Terminids. Mortar sentries are a great choice as there is less chance of friendly fire. The AMR can kill Devastators in one to two shots and kill Hulks with two shots. The Punisher Shotgun is a great choice for a primary weapon as it can kill standard robots with one shot. If you don’t have a long-range weapon, the energy shield is a good way to protect yourself as you try to get close enough to fight the robots at close range. Most bases can be destroyed with a single airstrike, and the EAT, orbital precision strike, orbital rail gun, or 500kg Bomb are great options for dealing with larger enemies such as Hulks and Tanks.

Helldivers 2 is one of the most popular games of 2024, usually averaging more than 200,000 concurrent players on Steam alone and over eight million copies sold. But it does have a high skill ceiling and a fairly steep learning curve. To get to grips with the game, we highly recommend checking out our Helldivers 2 best weapons guide and best armor guide so you can create the best loadout for your Helldivers whether you’re taking on the Terminids or Automatons.