Buff Street Fighter 6 Chun Li cosplay by popular gym guru is impressive

Buff Street Fighter 6 Chun Li cosplay by popular gym guru is impressive
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Street Fighter 6 is another incredible installment in the legendary fighting game series from Capcom. It’s more accessible to newcomers while maintaining infamously complex combos for masters, and all of the beloved characters look better than ever before thanks to the power of current-gen machines. One of the most fan-favorite characters in the video games industry let alone SF is Chun Li, and this Street Fighter 6 Chun Li cosplay from a buff gym guru is nearly flawless.

A huge part of what makes Street Fighter 6 so beloved is the characters. The SF6 roster is stacked with fan favorites from Cammy to Juri to Ryu, and the combat is as flawless as ever. There’s also been a crossover with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Capcom recently released outfits 3 so everyone on the roster can look even more stylish while whooping butt.

The SF series has a huge following and it is massive in the cosplay community. There are amazing recreations of fan-favorite fighters all over the internet, and this buff Chun Li cosplay is particularly impressive.

Street Fighter 6 Chun Li cosplay

This Street Fighter 6 Chun Li cosplay by wheyfu_ on TikTok is stupendous. She also goes by pamvstheworld_ on Instagram, and she excels at portraying the first lady of fighting games while in the gym. Rather than the classic outfit most people are familiar with, this stunning cosplay is based on Capcom’s nostalgia outfit from SF Alpha.

The cosplay is a near-flawless one-to-one recreation of the Alpha skin. She perfectly dons Capcom’s skin-tight leather blue outfit that is decorated with golden patterns such as lines running up the sides of the leggings similar to Adidas tracksuits. Just like the in-game skin, the outfit covers from neck-to-toe with the arms sleeveless and bare to allow for Chun Li’s pythons to breathe.

Steert Fighter 6 Chun Li cosplay pamvstheworld_
Image credit: pamvstheworld_ on Instagram

One of the best aspects of the cosplay is how the physique matches the lean-but-buff appearance of Chun Li in-game. Wheyfu’s TikTok and Instagram pages are flooded with gym progress, and you can even see her working out in the gym while dressed as the famous SF fighter. Many comments say she bears a resemblance to popular fitness guru Lean Beef Patty, but she has her own huge following with over one million followers on TikTok and over 220,000 on Instagram.

You can find even more stupendous cosplays on her TikTok and Instagram such as Spider-Gwen and even Juri from Street Fighter 6. You can also follow her gym progress to follow along with her documented transformation and possibly get the inspiration to make one of your New Year’s resolutions to hit the weights.

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