Popular Fortnite streamer’s Jules cosplay turns famous skin into reality

Popular Fortnite streamer’s Jules cosplay turns famous skin into reality
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Fortnite remains the biggest and most successful multiplayer game today thanks to its frequent updates and collaborations. There are dozens of skins from pop culture crossovers, but there are also beloved skins based on original designs from Epic Games. One of the most beloved original character skins is Jules, and this popular Fortnite streamer’s Jules cosplay turns the famous skin from fiction into reality.

Although it’s always had a massive player count, Epic Games’ battle royale feels fresher than ever thanks to the introduction of the new Rocket League, music, and Lego modes. Don’t forget to get your Fortnite Wrapped 2023 year in-review stats while you still can to see how well you performed last year. Also, check out the patch notes for the game’s most recent update so you can see all of the new weapons removed and added to the game.

While the game is getting bigger and better every year, so too is the devoted fanbase. Dozens of streamers livestream the game every day, and this popular streamer excels at cosplay as much as she does playing the game.

Fortnite Jules skin cosplay

Fortnite Twitch streamer JUSTFOXII is incredible in her Jules skin cosplay. Recently shared on her TikTok account, the cosplay is an excellent recreation of the iconic original character by Epic Games. The wig is a flawless one-to-one of the character’s Wednesday Addams-esque black pigtails tied at the ends in yellow hairbands. This is perfectly complimented by the cartoonishly large red goggles casually sitting on top of the crown of her head.

The white vest is also a flawless one-to-one recreation with the logo in the middle identical to what’s in-game. Then the best aspect of the cosplay is the colorful tattoos covering the entirety of her arms and neck. She is wearing heavy brown engineer gloves and she also has a yellow towel tucked into the front of her jeans to fit the engineer aesthetic.

Fornite Jules cosplay JUSTFOXII
Image credit: JUSTFOXII on TikTok

Lastly, the makeup on her face is also identical to in-game with a heavy red blush above the eyes, and, although hard to see at first, she is rocking a golden nose bullring just like Jules. Naturally, the comments are flooded with praise with people saying it’s ‘awesome’ and ‘perfect,’ and that she ‘slays every cosplay’. You can find more Fortnite cosplays such as Aura and the Red-Nosed Raider on her TikTok account as well as her Instagram. You can also find her streaming Fortnite almost every day on her Twitch.

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