Street Fighter 6 outfit 3 release date – when do the new costumes come out?

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Street Fighter 6 came out this earlier year and still remains one of the best games of 2023. It’s an absolute epic that is friendly to newcomers while still satisfying series veterans with complex combos and fluid gameplay. One of the best aspects of the SF franchise is always its famous characters in their iconic apparel. Capcom has announced the release date for the new Street Fighter 6 outfit 3 costumes, and they are right around the corner.

If you don’t already own the game, there are Street Fighter 6 Black Friday deals to take advantage of right now. Everyone has their favorite entry in the legendary franchise, but SF6 is a fantastic installment whether you’re new or old. It has a star-studded roster list including DLC, and there are crazy mods you can download ranging from cosmetics to gameplay improvements.

SF6 introduced new base costumes for the likes of Chun Li and Cammy, and then Capcom released the classic costumes. Now they are set to give players outfits 3.

New Street Fighter 6 outfit 3 costumes release date

The release date for the new Street Fighter 6 outfit 3 costumes is December 1st. This was confirmed by Capcom in their showcase reveal trailer. All 18 roster characters have new skins, but there isn’t anything new for DLC characters.

As you’d expect from Capcom, all of the new attires look spectacular. Kimberly rocks blue hair while sporting the colors red, white, and black for clothes, meanwhile, the buff Marisa is turned into She-Hulk on her wedding day. Jinx arguably receives the best new outfit of everyone as she is now able to fight in just a purple onesie. Cammy gets a new long, red, and white cloak with the hood up while wearing shorts, and Chun Li gets trades her blue and gold for a sleeveless white coat and looser trousers.

You can see all of the new skins in the trailer below:

Alas, as of writing, no price has been revealed by Capcom. It’s possible they could cost the equivalent of 10$ in SF fighting coins, but this is merely a guess for the time being.

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