Breathtaking Elden Ring Malenia cosplay is as perfect as the game

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Elden Ring is considered by many to be FromSoftware’s magnum opus. Most debates fall between this and Bloodborne, and it’s easy to see why as both are spectacular masterpieces that took over the world. In regard to ER specifically, it takes place in a beautiful hostile open-world with the sole intent of killing you over and over again. In what is very apropos, this Elden Ring Malenia cosplay perfectly captures the beauty as well as the deadliness of one of the game’s hardest optional boss fights.

The Game Awards 2023 start date and time is right around the corner. Elden Ring was crowned game of the year at the Game Awards 2022, but this year fans are simply hoping for a look at the confirmed Shadow of the Erdtree DLC. There is the possibility it could be shown off, but FromSoftware has lowered expectations by claiming it is not ready.

Not seeing any Shadow of the Erdtree would be a massive shame, but if it’s not ready then it’s simply the right decision by FromSoftware. While nothing can equate to seeing a World Premiere of the DLC, this Malenia cosplay is a wonderful tribute to the game and is one of the best cosplays you will see.

Elden Ring Malenia cosplay

This Elden Ring Malenia cosplay shared on Instagram by cosplayer _shrimp_lord_ is absolutely breathtaking. For those who need a basic reminder, Malenia is the lady with fiery red hair who starred in the original reveal trailer for the game at E3 2019. She is the Blade of Miquella, and she is one of the best and most difficult boss fights in the game assuming you don’t discover and exploit any of the cheese methods.

The cosplay almost immaculately recreates Malenia’s look, but what’s even better than in the game is how the colors pop. Elden Ring is very dark and grey, but in the cosplay, there’s more life to the colors with the long flowing red hair to the equally long and flowing red cape. There’s the iconic gold helmet with the golden prosthetic arm, and there’s also the demigod’s deadly blade that has felled millions of gamers across the globe. Other magnificent aspects of the cosplay include the scarlet rot infections seen covering Malenia’s face and body in stage two of the boss fight.

Elden Ring Malenia cosplay by _shrimp_lord_
Image credit: _Shrimp_Lord_

Again, the cosplayer is _shrimp_lord_, but the Instagram reel was filmed and produced by filmbyrobiul and jm_rafi. Make sure to check out the reel as it’s perfectly filmed in an empty field against a beautiful sky full of pink clouds. Also, check out the _shrimp_lord_ Instagram page to see more of her amazing cosplays such as Kill Joy in Valorant and Pyramidhead from Silent Hill 2.

In other cosplay news, this Margot Robbie lookalike is spellbinding as Jinx from League of Legends. There’s also an unbelievably good recreation of Kitana from Mortal Kombat 1.

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