League of Legends Jinx cosplay from Margot Robbie lookalike is unbelievably good

League of Legends Jinx cosplay from Margot Robbie lookalike is unbelievably good
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League of Legends is one of the most popular games in the video games industry thanks to its addictive gameplay and continuous support. One of the best aspects of LoL is the events but also the star-studded roster of great characters supported by fantastic designs and immaculate artwork. One of the fan-favorite characters is Jinx, and this League of Legends Jinx cosplay from someone who excels at looking like Margot Robbie is unbelievably good.

If you play League of Legends, then you need to know about the nerfs and buffs in patch 13.22. This update has buffed and nerfed several champions while making Janna fun to play as again. On the other hand, if you’re only familiar with LoL through the Arcane series, you’ll be happy to know that Netflix has renewed the Aracane anime series for a second season, and it is currently slated for November 2024.

Away from the LoL video game, Jinx has become mainstream in pop culture thanks to the critically acclaimed Arcane series on Netflix. She was already a fan favorite but has now become a global phenomenon, and this particular cosplay is as incredible as the show.

League of Legends Jinx cosplay

Cosplayer Martina Nikolova is spectacular in her League of Legends Jinx cosplay shared on her Instagram account, martycipher. Modeled after the character’s portrayal in the popular Arcane Netflix series as well as the video game, she perfectly replicates the almost pale white skin with heavy black makeup around the eyes. The long blue and braided hair with gold cufflinks is spot on, and so is the attire from the gloves to the elbow sleeves to the chest piece.

In the Instagram video, it begins as a cosplay for the Arcane series. It then transitions into the base League of Legends Jinx costume, meaning you get two cosplays in one reel. The base LoL costume is also superb as she rocks the pink and black garments with bullets strapped around the belts and buckles for both the trousers and bra.

League of Legends Jinx cosplay martycipher
Image credit: martycipher

In addition to her Instagram, she also has a Patreon you can support where she posts photoshoots of her cosplays. While her Jinx is fantastic, she’s most synonymous with Margot Robbie characters. There are dozens of Harley Quinn cosplays on her Instagram specifically tailored to resemble Margot Robbie, and they are astonishingly great. She looks completely identical to Margot Robbie in the Suicide Squad films, and she also pulls off Margot Robbie in Barbie. Be sure to check out her Instagram as there’s lots of great work.

Martycipher Harley Quinn cosplay
Image credit: martycipher