Wow: Dragonflight – What Class To Play

Wow: Dragonflight – What Class To Play
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With the addition of the Dracthyr Evoker, the total number of classes in World of Warcraft is brought up to thirteen, giving players a whole host of potential party roles to play. Out of this wealth of available WoW classes, players will want to know what the best class options are to take into the new Dragonflight expansion. 

We’ll walk you through the best class choices to make for WoW: Dragonflight, allowing you to put your best foot forward as you enter this exciting new expansion. 

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Dragonflight Class – Dracthyr Evoker 

Dragonflight Class - Evoker
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The Dracthyr are Dragonflight’s new playable race and are deeply ingrained in the lore of the new expansions. The Dracthyr can access a single class, the Evoker, and it’s one of the best classes to play Dragonflight with as a result. And they are especially good for newcomers, as Dracthyr start at level 58, just 2 levels shy of the Dragon Isles requirement. Completing the Dracthyr intro zone will get you to the level you need to enter Dragonflight proper. 

The Dracthyr Evoker may struggle slightly in solo play, but their healing and damage specializations make them a great, customizable fit for almost any party. 

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Hero Classes – Death Knight And Demon Hunter 

Dragonflight Class - Death Knight
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Another quick way to boost closer to the required level for Dragonflight. The Death Knight and Demon Hunter both start at level 50. Picking either of these classes will drastically reduce the time it takes for you to get ready for the new zones, even if they aren’t as closely thematically linked to the expansion as the Dracthyr.  

Death Knights make excellent tanks when specced into the Blood tree, and Demon Hunters are a vicious, versatile DPS option. Both of these classes can fill a number of roles in a party comp, and come highly recommended for skipping the 1-60 grind to access the Dragon Isles if returning to WoW or starting for the first time with Dragonflight. 

Dragonflight Best Classes 


Dragonflight Class - Hunter
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The hunter’s pet-based gameplay ranks them among the strongest and most accessible classes for new players and solo play, and this accessibility is on full display in Dragonflight. The Hunter’s toolkit provides a wealth of abilities that allow them to operate at range as well as up close.  

Proper use of the Hunter’s pet is key for splitting enemy focus and overwhelming mobs with powerful abilities. Hunter players will find themselves right at home in Dragonflight, whether they choose to group up right away or head into the Dragon Isles solo. 


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After an expansion of afterlife adventures, Dragonflight brings some Azeroth-set spectacle back to World of Warcraft. And if you want a class set to suit that spectacle, the Mage is an excellent pick. The Mage brings overwhelming force to the Dragonflight expansion, as it has in many before. 

Pumping out truly extraordinary amounts of damage and boasting great mobility to avoid the worst of what their enemies will throw at them, playing a Mage will allow you to serve as a go-to DPS pick for any group will exploring the Dragon Isles. 

The Arcane Mage especially is a blaster to be feared, and if you can master the feast-or-famine gameplay of mana conservation, you’ll burn through enemy health at a remarkable rate. 


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Perhaps no class in WoW is as versatile and customizable as the druid. Druids excel in any role, switching comfortably between healing, tanking, and damage dealing, depending on what you want to spec into at the time. 

Guardian and Restoration Druids may find themselves particularly at home in Dragonflight. The Guardian Druid has proven itself a truly excellent tank option, and while there are more consistent healer options out there than the Restoration Druid, the class still acquits itself well in a support role. 

The only truly limiting factor of the Druid is race selection, with the majority of playable races unable to select Druid as an option. But as long as you have even a passing interest in playing as a Night Elf, Worgen, Tauren or Troll, Druid should be near the top of your list of Dragonflight classes to try. 

Dragonflight Class FAQ 

What are the best classes to play in WoW Dragonflight? 

The Dracthyr Evoker, Death Knight, Demon Hunter, Ranger, Mage and Druid are the current best classes for Dragonflight. 

What level does the Evoker class start at? 

The Dracthyr Evoker starts at level 58, and will reach level 60 by the end of its introduction, allowing you to jump right into the Dragon Isles.