World of Warcraft How To Unlock Evoker in Dragonflight

World of Warcraft How To Unlock Evoker in Dragonflight
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The Evoker is the new class which comes with the new expansion, Dragonflight! To play this class all you need to do is purchase the expansion and have a single character at level 50 or higher on your account. To be an Evoker you must make a Dracthyr, the new race as they are an exclusive class-race combination.

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How To Play Evoker in Dragonflight

Evokers are played similar to other range dps with a few mechanics that give them a unique twist.

There are a couple of main differences between Evokers and other ranged dps. The first is their range, while Evokers have a shorter range than others this is made up for with their incredible mobility. With not only options to increase movement speed but jumps, dashes and even cast while moving capabilities. Evokers are going to be flying around any battlefield at a very quick pace.

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Evoker Empower Ability

The second is their new empower abilities which use a charge up system. When you cast an empower spell you’ll see a new cast bar which indicates the different charge levels of the spell and releasing the spell in certain windows will determine how powerful the spell is. For example Eternity Surge is a spell that does a lot of damage to a single target, but with each level of empower it hits 1 additional nearby target meaning for single target you’ll want to keep it at its lowest empower and multiple targets you’ll empower it more.

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What Level Do Evokers Start At

The Evoker being a hero class starts at a different level to the other races and classes. Once you’ve got the Dragonflight expansion you’ll notice the Dracthyr are there waiting to be played and once you’ve made your new character it will start at level 58! A significant head start I’m sure you’ll agree!

This means during pre patch you’ll only have 2 levels to do and once the expansion launches you’ll have a further 10 levels for 12 total to reach the max level of 70.

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Where Do Evokers Start?

The Dracthyr Evokers start in their ancestral homeland on the Dragon Isles on a nearby island called The Forbidden Reach. While here you’ll discover where the Dracthyr have been all this time and how they come to join the heroes of the horde and the alliance.

This is also where the first major villain of the upcoming expansion makes their entrance, one of the incarnates, Raszageth the Storm Eater.

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On these isles you’ll also be taught all about how your new class works along with the race specific skills like soar which allow the Dracthyr to have a similar mechanic to the new dragon riding feature except they can use it anywhere and not just on the dragon isles!

We hope this article has helped! Have fun and good luck in the new expansion. We’ll see you there!