Best Tailoring Spec In Dragonflight World Of Warcraft

Best Tailoring Spec In Dragonflight World Of Warcraft
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World of Warcraft: Dragonflight has taken over the MMORPG world, and veterans are loving it. Many players are pausing to experience the leveling process before charging headlong toward the endgame. It has been a challenge for Activision Blizzard to please gamers in recent years, but the expansion has been a resounding success.

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As with each new expansion in the World of Warcraft universe, so much has changed concerning each class specialization, the world, and so much more. There was a major reworking of professions, new crafting orders were implemented, and the auction house was redesigned.

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Read on for information about Tailoring, as well as the best Tailoring specialization you can choose in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight.

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What Is Tailoring?

Tailoring is an excellent profession to learn if you are a cloth wearer in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight. Tailoring, like Leatherworking and Blacksmithing, enables players to be self-sufficient by allowing them to create their own apparel. Tailoring may also be used to make purses, bandages, spell threads, and a variety of other products that you can use for your own characters or sell to others for a profit.

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Tailoring, unlike other crafting professions, is not reliant on a collecting profession for raw materials. Most of the resources required to level up Tailoring drop from humanoid creatures across the Dragon Isles. You may need to purchase some of them on occasion, but because cloth is always in ample supply, you’re likely to get it cheap at the auction house.

What’s New With Tailoring in Dragonflight?

Tailoring, like other professions, has experienced substantial modifications since the last expansion. The core premise of the profession remains the same: players collect pieces of fabric from slain humanoid adversaries or purchase them from the auction house and merge them with other resources to craft various products.

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Because Tailoring is one of the primary armor professions, you’ll be able to craft armor and bags all the while earning a significant amount of gold in your area’s Auction House, particularly if you live in a prosperous region.

However, there are a number of new features to consider when leveling up Tailoring this time.

Crafting Garments

Items that improve crafting abilities have been in the game for a long time, but none have ever been as intriguing as the ones in Dragonflight. Among other things, the new Tailoring crafting interface includes three slots for Profession Accessories, often known as Crafting Garments. These are unique products that boost stats such as Resourcefulness, Crafting Speed, skill, Inspiration, and Multicraft, all of which will assist players in their quest to become master tailors.

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Item Quality

True to its name, the item’s quality lives up to its billing. Every created object has five different quality levels. The better the thing, the greater the quality. Improving your Tailoring ability will enable you to create higher-quality products. As previously stated, Inspiration will sometimes enable players to make high-quality goods even if their skill level is very low.


One of the most helpful profession-related improvements introduced to Dragonflight is recrafting. The feature enables users to upgrade previously made things and get them closer to their current item level. Recrafting necessitates the use of more fabric and thread, as well as the Artisan’s Mettle, but it is well worth the expense since the finished objects are of greater quality.

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Profession specializations have been around since vanilla, but they work a bit differently in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight. For starters, specializations have skill trees that work similarly to talent trees, albeit they’re a bit more simplistic.

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This time around players can learn multiple specializations, each of which has a variety of sub-specializations to choose from. Players can start learning specializations at Dragon Isles Tailoring level 25.

Dragon Isles Tailoring Knowledge

Dragon Isles Tailoring Knowledge is used to advance specializations. Knowledge points work similarly to talent points, but they can be acquired from a wide variety of sources across the Dragon Isles. Unlike talent points, however, Knowledge points are non-refundable so once they’re spent, they’re gone for good. Unlearning Tailoring won’t reset Knowledge points.

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Tailoring Specializations

You’ll be able to learn skills from different trainers in the Dragon Isles after you’ve mastered Dragon Isles Tailoring. Tailoring has four specializations to pick from

  1. Tailoring Mastery: This boosts your cloth drop rate as well as your crafting speed.
  1. Textiles: This boosts the frequency of drops, the quality of your goods when using Dagon Isles Unravelling, and your Tailoring stats when crafting items such as bags.
  1. Draconic Needlework: This unlocks the ability to create Azureweave Bolt and Chronocloth Bolt, which are required for high-end armor and large bags, as well as increases your cooldown rate. 
  1. Garmentcrafting: This unlocks the majority of the Mythic gear you’ll need to craft, enhances your Tailoring abilities, and grants you the ability to apply Optional Reagents and Finishing Reagents to your crafted gear.

Tailoring Specializations: General Details

SpecializationsSub-specBoosted Stats
Tailoring MasteryCloth CollectionSparing SewingShrewd Stitchery ResourcefulnessInspiration
TextilesSpinningWeavingEmbroideryResourcefulnessInspirationSkillCrafting Speed
Draconic NeedleworkAzureweave TailoringAzureweavingChronocloth TailoringTimeweaving ResourcefulnessInspirationSkillMulticraft
Tailoring Specializations
  • The first spec branch is unlocked after reaching level 25.
  • The second spec branch is unlocked after reaching level 50.
  • Leveling up to 75 unlocks the third spec branch.
  • Level 100 unlocks the fourth and final spec branch.

The Best Tailoring Specializations

Because Tailoring supplies things for a variety of professions and is a great way to earn additional gold, deciding on the best specialization might be tough.

Each Tailoring expertise offers benefits, distinct recipes, higher-quality crafts, and other relevant perks. You may invest in new specialties and sub-specializations as your skill advances. Your tailoring expertise depends on your other career and goals. Many specializations synergize effectively and should be combined for optimum outcomes.

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Garmentcrafting unlocks higher-leveled craftable gear, making it the best Specialization for raids, Mythic, and dungeons. You won’t be able to unlock every piece of gear at first, but you can unlock the high-value items (such as Chest and Legs) quite easily.

The second-best Specialization is Tailoring Mastery, especially the sub-specialization Cloth Collection. Obtaining up to 100 percent more fabric drops from humanoid foes will enable Tailors to fulfill more work orders without tapping into their gold stockpiles, and there is a possibility to encounter Wildercloth Bolts already crafted.

Other Specialization

Textiles and Draconic Needlework are minor yet useful. Textiles enable Tailors to extract Rousing Elements from Unraveling, boosting resource supplies without much effort. Textiles may also enhance Weaving, enabling Tailors to manufacture numerous bolts of fabric from a single craft.

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Draconic Needlework, on the other hand, allows Tailors to make Azureweave and Chronoweave armor pieces, which provide bonuses when equipped.

Final Thoughts

What is deemed “best” varies depending on the player. So, among the four specialties available, Garmetcrafting is one of the finest to help you craft important Mythic gear. 

Tailoring Mastery, on the other hand, should be emphasized, as you level Tailoring and it allows you to earn more drops and enhance your crafting speed. 

High-level tailors may learn to craft valuable, useful, or unique goods that you can either use by them or sell to other players for a significant sum of gold.