Best Mining Specializations in Dragonflight World Of Warcraft

Best Mining Specializations in Dragonflight World Of Warcraft
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There are some classes in World of Warcraft that other crafting classes rely on to ensure they’re able to get the materials required to craft the materials they want. Such classes are called gathering classes or professions, and include both herbalism and mining.

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Mining especially is a class that allows players to mine ores in order to get important crafting materials. However, similar to every other profession, the mining class also has three specs that players have to choose from. However, deciding on just one isn’t easy, as several factors determine which spec is the best for every player.

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To help you in picking out the best mining spec for YOU specifically, we’ll be going through the pros, cons, as well as what sort of players that specific spec is recommended for.

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Mining Process

The first mining spec we’ll be going through is the mining process. As the name suggests, it more or less only affects the mining process itself, including increasing the quality of the ore you mine, increasing your mining speed, and, maybe most importantly, allowing you to mine while mounted.

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For many, this is simply mining, but bumped up to 100. However, unfortunately, many players only invest enough knowledge points in this to ensure they unlock mining while mounting, while neglecting the three other skill trees this spec offers them.


Chances are that this skill tree will catch the attention of most miners the most, mostly because of the insane bump in perception it gives to players. This isn’t all it does, however, as it also increases the chances of gathering valuable side gathers because of the previously mentioned increase in perception.

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This skill tree also includes the 30 point ability to increase the chances of finding illimited diamonds, and other rare side gathers that have the potential to increase your knowledge as well. Because of this, you’re effectively working towards increasing two stats with one skill tree.


There really isn’t much to say about this specific tree, as it pretty much increases the number of ores you get by increasing your finesse. More finesse means you’ll be able to extract more ore.

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This specific skill tree will most likely appeal to jewelcrafters the most, as it allows players to find gems from directly inside of ores without needing to use any external abilities such as prospecting.

How Good is it?

All in all, the mining process spec is great for players who either want to reduce the time the spend mining ore or want the increase in different stats it gives. If your primary profession is that of a jewelcrafter, however, then we definitely recommend this the most to you as the industrialization skill tree will be invaluable for you.


Up next is metallurgy, which is the one to pick if you’re interested in getting serevite ores, draconium ores, and khaz’gorite ores from quality 1 all the way to quality 3, all the while getting some more than welcome boosts to some of your stats.

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However, one downside to this specific spec is that you have to focus on multiple skill trees if you want to be able to upgrade different types of ores, making the process a little tedious and unnecessarily complicated.

That doesn’t mean it isn’t without its other advantages, however, as the trees also give you benefits in skill, finesse, and perception

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How Good is it?

Is this a good spec for players to choose though? Well, economically speaking, it really isn’t. This is because upgrading ores from quality 1 to quality 2 requires you to have five of those quality 1 ores to give you just one quality 2 ore.

Similarly, upgrading quality 2 ores to quality 3 requires five of those quality 2 ores, giving you only one quality 3 ore. Seeing as how quality 1 and 2 ores go for nearly identically prices at the auction house, and a quality 3 ore doesn’t sell for nearly enough to make up for the number of quality 1 and 2 ores you use, it just isn’t economical if you’re looking to make money off of this spec.

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However, if you’re instead selecting this spec because you either want the bonuses it gives you, or because you want a steady supply of quality 3 ores for crafting purposes, then we would most definitely recommend you give this spec a shot.

Mastering the Elements

If you’re someone who’s interested in collecting rousing essences, then mastering the elements spec might be the one for you. Rousing earth, rousing fire, and rousing order are the three rousing essences that you’re most likely to see an increase in if you opt to go with this spec.

Perhaps the best thing about this spec, however, is the ability it gives players when they master this spec called Overload Elemental Deposit. This ability can be used on any of the five Elemental modifiers, which are 

  • Hardened
  • Infurious
  • Molten
  • Primal
  • Titan touched.

Not only does overloading one of these deposits increase the amount of material you can expect to get, but you also receive +1 Knowledge for each of the five Elemental types for a total of +5 Knowledge.

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If you think knowledge is the only stat you can upgrade using this spec, then you’re wrong. The biggest perk this spec gives players is the gain of skill, deftness, and perception for all elemental deposits.

How Good is it?

If you’re serious about collecting rousing essences, then this spec is the most recommended one for you. Not only that, but the ability to overload elemental deposits can really come in handy, especially if you’re out to collect awakened order, the ultra rare and sought after crafting reagent introduced in Dragonflight. 

After all, the overloading deposits ability this spec gives you will be invaluable in collecting enough rousing orders to craft awakened orders.

Final Thoughts

Although one specification can’t be labeled as the best for everyone, we hope this guide of all three mining specs gave you an idea of which one you’ll be going for. The most important thing to ask yourself before deciding on your specification is what you want the most.