Best Hunter Spec For Solo Leveling In Dragonflight World Of Warcraft

Best Hunter Spec For Solo Leveling In Dragonflight World Of Warcraft
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Although World of Warcraft is a mass multiplayer roleplaying, that doesn’t mean everyone might want to play with other people at all times. Instead, there are many players who prefer questing alone to level their character up to a decent enough level before joining high level raids.

Unfortunately, not every spec of every class is suitable for solo leveling, and this is even more true for the hunter class, which has seen so many down but not enough ups, even with the update that brought us Dragonflight.

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Of course, you can’t decide which spec to choose without first having enough information of every available option. Therefore, we’re here to tell you the ups and downs of all three hunter specs to ensure you’re able to find the best one for you.

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#3: Marksmanship

If you’re looking to level up your hunter character, regardless of whether it’s solo or with a party, the marksmanship spec is definitely the least recommended. Not only is the playstyle very slow and sluggish, which is a major disadvantage for solo players, but it also has the weakest pet in the game.

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Having a weak pet means you’ll most likely have to tank all the damage without having any reliable support. Not only that, but this spec also struggles with movement during burst windows, and has problems getting good damage in quickly, even with the pet.

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Perhaps the best course of action if you do end up picking this spec will be to use misdirection abilities to your advantage and then use the long range abilities this spec has to finish mobs off at once.

#2: Survival

Both of the two remaining hunter specs are really good for leveling, but we decided to put survival on number 2, as we believe when it comes to solo leveling specifically, beast mastery is a little better.

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That isn’t to say the survival spec is bad either. By picking this spec, you will have many tools at your disposal to meet almost any need, either in the open world or in dungeons. Additionally, this hunter spec allows you to either mass pull large group of enemies, or to do massive damage to single strong boss enemies. Finally, You’re mobile enough to get around areas as you see fit.

#1: Beast Mastery

When it comes to the best hunter spec for solo leveling, we just had to put beast mastery at number one. Perhaps the biggest reason for this is that this spec makes it so that your pet does the most damage out of any other hunter spec.

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Therefore, you’ll never truly be alone, even when you’re solo leveling. Additionally, the leech the pet brings allows players to sustain themselves which, in turn, allows them to fight larger mobs and stronger enemies more easily.

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Finally, one thing that’s rather subjective is whether this spec focusing more on melee attacks instead of ranged attacks is a good or bad thing, but ultimately it depends on what the player is comfortable with.

Final Thoughts

This was our ranking of the best hunter specs for solo leveling from worst to best. Hopefully you’ll be able to use the information we gave of all three hunter specs to decide the one that’s best for you.