World Of Warcraft Dragonflight Druid Talent Tree, Class, Balance, Feral (2023)

World Of Warcraft Dragonflight Druid Talent Tree, Class, Balance, Feral (2023)
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With the release of Dragonflight and the pre expansion event we are getting to use our brand new talent trees a potentially forgotten relic of the past has come back with a shiny coat of paint and we’re all very excited about the vast amount of options and diversity of builds they will be bringing.

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We’re going to be looking at what Druid has gotten with these new trees and some of the potentially strong choices in each of the trees!

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Druid Class Talent Tree

The main class tree for the Druid was one of the first released by Blizzard and seemingly was knocked out of the park with its first iteration as it has seen very little change.

The main things to notice here are innervate which was previously impossible to use for some specs and the comeback of Nature’s Vigil. Innervate being accessible for Feral Druid is some desperate needed raid utility that the Balance Druid used to bring over them and Nature’s Vigil is incredible for Restoration Druids finally allowing them to do some competitive damage in raid without completely stopping their healing output.

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Overall the class tree is incredible. A nice balance of damage, healing and defense nodes along with some nice utility and some interesting cross options like Moonkin form for all specs!

Balance Talent Tree

For the Balance Druid we’ve had 1 major redesign which saw their initial tree almost completely reworked. The second iteration fixed a lot of the pathing issues the first tree had even added some interesting options like Friend of the Fae capstone node and even the return of Wild Mushrooms which have had as light rework to their previous iteration.

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We saw in the pre expansion event this talent tree in action for the first time and Balance was doing some incredible damage. We’ll have to see if this transitions into the new raid or whether it was some left over power with the covenant system that made them so powerful.

Feral Talent Tree

Feral has most certainly had the biggest improvement from Shadowlands to Dragonflight, perhaps of every spec in the game. The Feral Druid went from a one trick single target spec with a few bits of utility to an AOE machine, tons of utility and even a raid buff. If you play a Feral Druid your value in a group has absolutely sky rocketed with this new talent system.

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Most notably for the Feral Druid besides the design leaning towards bleed and damage over time now is the “build you own cooldown” that Feral gets in the talents, they essentially get their main damage cooldown then add more and more to it as they go ending with an incredibly powerful cooldown if they like. There are 4 Berserk talents which all combine to make one super Berserk and it’s power is showing. Feral has even had to be nerfed in recent weeks as it was looking to be way overpowered!

Restoration Talent Tree

Restoration Druid has seen the least change of all the Druid specs, they will be running a very similar playstyle and there defining talent is actually in the main class tree with Nature’s Vigil. Even so we still have some of our favorite talents with Tree of Life and Adaptive Swarm making a return.

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Guardian Talent Tree

Guardian is another spec without major changes. You’ll still be picking up the abilities you know and love with a few nice additions and some old favorites returning like Convoke and even has a similar mechanic to Feral where you build your own Berserk cooldown.

Most notably for Guardian is perhaps the return of an old favorite Rage of the Sleeper which was Guardian’s artifact ability back in Legion!

Have fun and good luck exploring your new talent tree. We’ll see all you Druids in the new expansion!