Tears of the Kingdom characters list

Tears of the Kingdom characters list
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With a new game set in a familiar Hyrule, you might be wondering what Tears of the Kingdom characters have been confirmed so far. The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild introduced a sizable cast of characters for Link to meet on his journey, and fans will certainly be hoping that their favourites have made it into TotK.

Take a look at all the Tears of the Kingdom characters that you’ll come across while you journey across the new Tears of the Kingdom map.

What characters are in Tears of the Kingdom?

Here’s a list of Tears of the Kingdom characters:

  • Link
  • Zelda
  • Ganondorf
  • Sidon
  • Riju
  • Tulin
  • Elfen Woman


Tears of the Kingdom characters: Link raising his mechanical arm in the air with a sunset in the background.
Link, copyright: Nintendo

Shocking, we know. Link has been the protagonist of every mainline title in the Zelda series, and TotK will be no exception. While it’s the same Link we played as in BotW, he’s had a few changes in the meantime. Most notably, he’s now sporting a new mechanical arm which gives him a set of brand new Tears of the Kingdom abilities.

Voice actor: Kengo Takanashi, from Japan who is reprising his role from Breath of the Wild with his memorable grunts and screams.


Tears of the Kingdom characters: Zelda looking at something in her hands with mountains in the background.
Zelda, copyright: Nintendo

While she was largely absent in BotW, appearing mostly in flashbacks, the eponymous Princess Zelda will be making a return in TotK. The third trailer for Tears of the Kingdom ends with Zelda telling Link to find her, suggesting that she won’t play an active role in the story, and again will feature more heavily in flashbacks.

Voice Actor: Again reprising her role is Canadian voice actress Patricia Summersett, who received mixed reactions in Breath of the Wild.


Tears of the Kingdom characters: Ganondorf with a glowing spot on his forehead and red energy surrounding him.
Ganondorf, copyright: Nintendo

Returning in all his glory is the Gerudo King, Ganondorf. We took on an entity made of his malice in BotW, in the form of Calamity Ganon, but this time round it looks like we’ll be taking on the man himself. Fans are understandably excited by the return of such an iconic villain, and will be itching to challenge him once they get their hands on the game.

Voice actor: Matthew Mercer (of Critical Role) who known to voice many games, movies and animated TV Shows, most notably Dungeons and Dragons show, Critical Role.


Tears of the Kingdom characters: Link and Sidon fighting a construct together.
Sidon, copyright: Nintendo

Definitely a fan favourite from BotW, Prince Sidon, will be making an appearance in TotK. The Prince of the Zora directs Link to Zora’s Domain in BotW and helps him get on to Divine Beast Vah Ruta. And it looks like he’ll be helping out again in the BotW sequel, with the third trailer showing him fighting a construct alongside Link.

Voice actor: Jamie Mortellaro voices this lovable character from Breath of the Wilde.


Tears of the Kingdom characters: Riju wielding two scimitars and preparing to use a lightning attack.
Riju, copyright: Nintendo

BotW’s Chief of the Gerudo, Riju, also makes a comeback in Tears of the Kingdom. Like Sidon, she helps Link board a divine beast, Vah Naboris. As the daughter of the Gerudo Champion Urbosa, she wields lightning powers, and is shown using them in the third trailer. As well as this, we see her running alongside Link and Sidon, suggesting that she will also fight alongside Link during the story.

Voice actor: Elizabeth Maxwell returns to voice Riju. She is a regular voice in games as she is also credited with voicing in games AAA game Horizon: Forbidden West and other popular titles Honkai: Star Rail, Fire Emblem Engage and Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.


Tears of the Kingdom characters: Link and Tulin flying upwards through snow, with objects floating around them.
Tulin, copyright: Nintendo

You might not remember him, as he didn’t feature as heavily as Sidon and Riju, but Tulin is also returning in TotK. He is the son of Teba, the Rito who helps Link board the Divine Beast Vah Medoh. While his father plays a major role in BotW, Tulin is relegated to running an archery minigame at the Flight Range near Rito Village. Appearing multiple times alongside Link in Tears of the Kingdom trailers, it looks like Tulin will have a much more significant role than in BotW.

Elfen Woman

Tears of the Kingdom characters: A dark-skinned elfen woman with a glowing 'tear' necklace charging energy in her palm.
Elfen Woman, copyright: Nintendo

We don’t know her name yet, but this Elfen Woman from the third TotK trailer certainly has an impact. She pops up near the end of the trailer, appearing to fire a powerful beam from her hand. While we don’t know much about her, she is shown wearing many of the same items that Zelda does earlier in the trailer, including one of ‘Tears’ that appear to be central to the game’s story. This all suggests that she is set to play an important role in the story.

That’s all the Tears of the Kingdom characters we know about so far. While they haven’t been shown in any trailers yet, we’re sure other characters such as Impa, Beedle, and more will also be returning. You’ll also come across some not so nice characters, so take a look at some new Tears of the Kingdom enemies to prepare yourself and the full Tears of the Kingdom cast. And if you’re interested in Link’s new abilities, check out our Tears of the Kingdom Fuse explainer guide.

Who is the Villain in Tears of the Kingdom?

The villain in Tears of the Kingdom is Ganondorf.

Who is the protagonist in Tears of the Kingdom?

The protagonist in Tears of the Kingdom is Link.

Many of the voice actors from Breath of the Wild have made a welcome return, you will also notice a few new voices in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. For a full rundown head over to Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom voice actors and cast