Star Wars Jedi Survivor mounts list

Star Wars Jedi Survivor mounts list
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Want to know all the Star Wars Jedi Survivor mounts you can use to explore Koboh and beyond? Jedi Survivor mixes up the formula established in Fallen order, with one of the most striking changes being the flip to a much larger playable area, chiefly on the sprawling planet of Kobo. With that switch to a semi-open world comes the introduction of rideable mounts.

If you’re curious about what alien creatures have been drafted in to lug Cal and BD-1 around, we’ve pulled together a Jedi Survivor mounts list. Though there are rideable mounts on other Jedi Survivor planets, most are on Koboh. These mounts cover large distances faster than on foot but also play a part in solving puzzles and reaching high-up areas, including some of the Jedi Survivor Jedi Chamber locations.

Here’s a complete list of Jedi Survivor Mounts:

  • Relter
  • Nekko
  • Spamel
Jedi Survivor mounts: Cal taming a Relter on Koboh.

Relter – Koboh

By holding onto the Relter, you can glide through the air to reach areas that are inaccessible on foot. Relters are only usable in very defined areas and don’t have the mobility of the Nekko, though you can navigate them towards gusts of air to prolong your time in the air. They can’t be summoned and are only available in defined spots, usually next to large ravines. Their maneuverability is poor at best, so using them isn’t what we’d call enjoyable, so they are more a necessity than anything else in Jedi Survivor. You’ll unlock the Relter as part of the main story, specifically to reach the Forest Array in the Basalt Forest on Koboh.

Jedi Survivor mounts: Cal riding a Nekko on Koboh.

Nekko – Koboh

Jedi Survivor’s answer to a trusty steed, the Nekko is the second mount you’ll unlock in the game when you visit the Nekko Pools in the Basalt Forest on Koboh as part of the main story. You can summon a Nekkow by tapping R1 on PS5 or RB on Xbox Series X|S at any time when outdoors. You’ll also find them grazing around Koboh, more than happy to give you a ride. Aside from awkwardly galloping across solid land, Nekko’s can climb slippery inclines, helpful for reaching inaccessible areas and secrets. Furthermore, Cal can jump off a Nekko’s back to gain extra height and reach platforms and ledges that would otherwise be out of reach.

Jedi Survivor mounts: Cal riding a Spamel with Merrin on Jedha.

Spamel – Jedha

The Spamel is Jedha’s answer to the Nekko, though far more graceful and imbued with a gentle, but massive gait. You’ll unlock the Spamel as part of the main story when visiting the Divine Oasis in the Ancient Ruins on Jedha. Aside from sporting a decent top speed, the Spamel can confidently climb Jedha’s slippery slopes and offers a launching pad for Cal to bound up to hidden areas. 

There is another, far more mechanical mount in the game, but we’ll leave that for you to discover as it’s limited to a brief part of the main story. With mounts sorted, brush up on the Jedi Survivor bosses list, and learn how to beat the fearsome Jedi Survivor Spawn of Oggdo boss and the early-game Jedi Survivor Rancor boss for extra bragging rights.

How do you get mounts in Jedi Survivor?

You’ll unlock mounts by following the early game main story on Koboh and heading towards the Forest Array. Before reaching the Forest Array, you’ll unlock your first mount, the Relter, which unlocks the ability to tame beasts on Koboh and beyond.