All Star Wars Jedi Survivor Jedi Chamber locations

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Looking for the Star Wars Jedi Survivor Jedi Chamber locations? In Star Wars Jedi Survivor, Jedi Chambers are optional dungeons packed with testing puzzles, combat encounters, and platforming sections with the perk rewards to match. There are a total of seven Star Wars Jedi Survivor Jedi Chamber locations to find in the game, scattered fairly evenly across Koboh.

So if you’re looking for all of the Jedi Survivor Jedi Chamber locations, you’ve come to the right place. While Koboh is the only one of the Jedi Survivor planets the chambers appear on, you must complete them all to solve the Jedi Survivor Alignment Control Center mystery, so they are vital for 100% completion.

Here are all seven Jedi Chambers in Star Wars Jedi Survivor and their locations:

  • Chamber of Duality – Rambler’s Reach Outpost
  • Chamber of Reason – Basalt Rift
  • Chamber of Fortitude – Southern Reach
  • Chamber of Clarity – Untamed Downs
  • Chamber of Connection – Viscid Bog
  • Chamber of Detachment – Mountain Ascent
  • Chamber of Ambidexterity – Devastated Settlement
Star Wars Jedi Survivor Jedi Chamber locations: Cal running through the first Jedi Chamber in the game across a bridge.

Chamber of Duality – Rambler’s Reach, Koboh

The Jedi Chamber of Duality in Jedi Survivor is unmissable and you’ll discover it as part of the Jedi Survivor story when you first meet Zee. It’s located under the Pyloon’s Saloon in Rambler’s Reach Outpost on Koboh.

Chamber of Reason – Basalt Rift, Basalt Forest, Koboh

The Chamber of Duality is found in the Basalt Rift area of the Basalt Forest on Koboh. Rest at the Basalt Salt Meditation Point, then turn around and head forward, across the log bridging the gap ahead and follow the ridge to the right. Keep heading forward until you spot a broken bridge on your right. Swinging across using the hanging vine. The Chamber of Reason is just ahead.

Chamber of Fortitude – Southern Reach, Rambler’s Reach, Koboh

Head to the large circular building at the centre of Southern Reach, not far from the Riverbed Watch Meditation Point. Climb to the roof and interact with the prompt on the hatch to open it. Note you’ll need the Force lift ability to open it. Head inside to find the Chamber of Fortitude.

Chamber of Clarity – Untamed Downs, Rambler’s Reach, Koboh

The Jedi Chamber of Fortitude in Jedi Survivor is located in the Untamed Downs part of Rambler’s Reach on Koboh. Head to the highest point in the area and use a mount to jump up to a climbable vine. Continue up to find the Chamber entrance.

Chamber of Connection – Viscid Bog, Koboh

The Chamber of Connection is found in Viscid Bog on Koboh. From the Viscid Bog Meditation Point, use the zipline ahead then jump to the zipline below. Jump off as late as you can, then trudge through the muck and use the Ascension point ahead to jump up and reach the Chamber entrance.

Chamber of Detachment – Mountain Ascent, Prospector’s Folly, Koboh

The Jedi Chamber of Detachment in Jedi Survivor is found in the Mountain Ascent area of Prospector’s Folly on Koboh. From the Mountain Ascent Meditation Point, head forward and through the doorway with the green forcefield. If you’ve yet to unlock that ability to get through these, come back later when you have. Head down towards the waterfall below. Behind the waterfall, you’ll find the entrance to the Chamber of Detachment.

Chamber of Ambidexterity – Devastated Settlement, Stone Spires, Koboh

The Jedi Chamber of Ambidexterity in Jedi Survivor is found in the Devastated Settlement area of the Stone Spire on Koboh. From the Devastated Settlement Meditation Point, look for the large cube on a cliff in the distance. Below is a small ledge. Fly there and land to find the Chamber of Ambidexterity entrance.

How many Jedi Chambers are there in Star Wars Jedi Survivor?

There are seven Jedi Chambers in total, all of which are on Koboh, the second planet you visit during the story.

That covers all seven Star Wars Jedi Survivor Jedi Chamber locations. Check out our other guides, including the lowdown of what you get for buying the Jedi Survivor Mysterious Keycode, all Star Wars Jedi Survivor stim locations, and how to fight Vashtan Wolfe in Jedi Survivor on Koboh.

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