How long is Jedi Survivor – length and time to beat

How long is Jedi Survivor – length and time to beat
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How long is Jedi Survivor? Cal Kestis and crew are back with a brand new adventure in tow, promising hours of lightsaber-wielding fun. Compared to Fallen Order, Star Wars Jedi Survivor is a heftier experience and accordingly you’ll need to put aside more time if you’re wondering what sort of time you’re looking at to beat the game.

So for more details on the Jedi Survivor length and how long it takes to beat the full game, we’ve got you covered. You’ll visit all of the Jedi Survivor planets during Cal’s second adventure, and kill plenty of Jedi Survivor enemies and bosses, but how long is Jedi Survivor when it comes to just the story and 100% completing everything?

How long is Jedi Survivor: Cal climbing a ledge while Bode offers him a hand.

How long is Jedi Survivor – story length

The Jedi Survivor story takes on average around 20 hours to beat. Your playstyle, the difficulty level you choose, and pace all factor in, so your mileage will vary, but overall don’t expect to spend more than two dozen hours before you hit the credits. Those dialling up the challenge to Jedi Grand Master are likely to take longer than those playing on Story Mode, which is purposefully designed to offer a less demanding and smoother journey through the game.

How long is Jedi Survivor – 100% completion

Those planning on attaining 100% completion and exploring every corner of every planet and wrapping up every side quest in Jedi Survivor will need to set aside roughly 40 hours. Again, this is on average and speedier players may burn through all the side content and story in as little as 30 hours, while players that want to take their time to experience the game at a leisurely pace could invest as much as 50 hours until securing that coveted Jedi Survivor platinum trophy.

How long to beat Jedi Survivor?

To beat the Jedi Survivor story takes around 20 hours on average while a completionist run can take up to between 40 and 50 hours.

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