Star Wars Jedi Survivor enemies list

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Our Star Wars Jedi Survivor enemies list will give you all the info you need on the foes appearing in Cal Kestis’ new adventure across the galaxy. The young Jedi is growing increasingly desperate as the Empire tightens its grip, and you’ll need all the info you can get to keep Cal alive and out of their clutches.

From Imperial Stormtroopers to Clone Wars droid holdouts and rampaging beasts, we’ll walk you through each of the threats you’ll face in Jedi Survivor – along with our separate guide on the Star Wars Jedi Survivor cast and characters. And with the new Jedi Survivor combat styles, you’ll be carving your way through enemies aplenty. 

Jedi Survivor enemies list - Stormtroopers droids arrive to menace Cal

Star Wars Jedi Survivor enemies – Imperial troops

 Here are all of the Star Wars Jedi Survivor Imperial troop enemies we know about so far:


The rank-and-file of the empire. Cal grew up alongside clone troopers but has fewer qualms about cutting down the Empire’s new recruits. Expect poor aim and limited melee capabilities.

Scout Trooper

Stun batons make scout troopers the melee-focused equivalent of stormtroopers’ ranged threats. Engage at range to prevent damage and stun.

Shield Trooper

You’ll need to find a way around these shield-carrying foes, as direct lightsaber hits will be parried. Use force powers to make them vulnerable before closing in.

Purge Troopers

Returning from Fallen Order, Purge Troopers are faster, smarter and deal more damage than the average imperial trooper.

Expect purge troopers to serve as minibosses early in Jedi Survivor before Cal grows in power to take them on.

BX Commando Droids Droideka IG-100 Magnaguards DT Sentry Droids KX Security Droid AT-ST

Star Wars Jedi Survivor enemies – Droids

Here are all of the Star Wars Jedi Survivor droid enemies we know about so far:

B1 Battle Droid 

Outdated in the age of the empire, Battle Droids will swarm Cal and overwhelm through sheer numbers.

B2 Battle Droid

A strict upgrade over the B1, these droids are a trickier individual threat due to their improved defence and offence.


Magnaguards are elite units wielding energy weapons and can survive heavy punishment – including dismemberment – before falling.


Mobile, defensive and deadly. A Droideka’s bubble shield will repel most incoming fire, and their blasters are no joke either. Catching them on the move will be essential to penetrating their defence.

KX Droid

An iconic returning foe from Jedi: Fallen Order, these imperial droids will take a beating and can deal heavy damage to Cal thanks to their unique choking attacks.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor enemies – beasts and scavengers

Here are all of the non-Imperial troops/droid enemies we know about in Star Wars Jedi Survivor so far: 

Bedlam Raider

New to Jedi: Survivor, Bedlam Raiders are bounty hunters that wield energy weapons similar to Magnaguards. Parrying is necessary to throw them off balance and allow Cal to break their guard.


A classic Star Wars creature once kept under Jabba’s palace, another Rancor is now set to menace Cal as an intimidating mini-boss. With no gate on hand to crush this beast, you’ll have to deal with the Rancor the hard way.


The Wampa is another iconic beast from the original trilogy, previously seen on the snowy fields of Hoth. Staying clear of its aggressive swipes will be necessary to keep Cal alive and avoid becoming the monster’s dinner.

Other Enemies

Here’s a list of other enemies in Jedi Survivor:

  • BX Commando Droids
  • BX Droid
  • Droideka
  • IG-100 Magnaguards
  • DT Sentry Droids
  • KX Security Droid
  • AT-ST
  • Shiverpede
  • Gorger
  • Mogu
  • Bilemaw
  • B1 Melee Battle Droid
  • Raider Grunt
  • Gorocco
  • Rawka
  • Bramlik
  • Roller Mine
  • Scavanger Droid
  • Security Droid Enforcer
  • Probe Droid
  • Flametrooper
  • Hardshell
  • Sutaban

If you’re looking to play Star Wars Jedi Survivor when it releases on April 28, you’ll likely be wondering if Jedi: Survivor is next-gen only, as well as if there is Jedi: Survivor Steam Deck support. 

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