Is Star Wars Jedi Survivor a remake?

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Is Star Wars Jedi Survivor a remake? If this is a question that you’ve had on your mind recently, then you’re not alone. Fans of the intergalactic series have often wondered this exact same thing since the sequel was first announced in January 2022.

So if you want to find out whether or not this game is a revamped installment or a brand new creation, then all you’ll need to do is keep reading on to find out. Before you proceed, though, we suggest checking out our Star Wars Jedi Survivor planets list and Star Wars Jedi Survivor enemies list for a sneak peek at the locations and combatants you can expect.

Is Star Wars Jedi Survivor a remake?

No, Star Wars Jedi Survivor is not a remake. Instead, it is the sequel to the first series installment entitled Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order, which was released in 2019. Jedi Survivor is a continuation of the story and takes place five years after the events of its predecessor, meaning you’ll be able to discover more new features that weren’t included in the previous game.

The sequel once again stars Cal Kestis as he searches for ways to fight back against the evil Galactic Empire who are trying to eliminate the last surviving Jedis. Fortunately, he will be assisted by various characters throughout his adventure, including his trusty droid sidekick, BD-1.

Sadly, some of the most popular characters from the films, such as Yoda and Obi-Wan Kenobi, won’t be making appearances in the game. However, there will inevitably be a few references made to them at some points in the story so fans of the franchise should watch out for these specific moments once they come by.

With this in mind, we suggest checking out our Star Wars Jedi Survivor cast and characters list so you can learn more about the game’s diverse roster, and whether Jedi Survivor is canon or not.

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