Is there Star Wars Jedi Survivor new game plus?

Is there Star Wars Jedi Survivor new game plus?
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Is there a Star Wars Jedi Survivor new game plus mode? While one playthrough of Respawn’s highly-anticipated sequel to Fallen Order should feature enough blaster shots and gripping narrative beats to tide over even the most demanding Star Wars fans, can players look forward to jumping back into a new journey with their cosmetics, skills, and more intact?

In this guide, we’ll cover everything we know about Star Wars Jedi Survivor new game plus. For more on the game, check out our guide to the Jedi Survivor planets and the Jedi Survivor cast and characters list.

Does Star Wars Jedi Survivor have a new game plus?

Yes, Jedi Survivor includes a new game plus mode, which allows players to carry over all Cal Kestis skill points, stances, and cosmetics to a new game plus second playthrough and unlock brand new lightsaber colors and perks.

EA confirmed the news in a tweet published on on April 26, 2023, which says “Star Wars Jedi Survivor will have a new game plus mode at launch. All stances and cosmetics from previous playthroughs will be unlocked, along with new perks and lightsaber colors. Skill points will also carry over.”

Jedi Survivor new game plus – perks

Firing up a new game plus playthrough unlocks three new perks:

  • Purity: grants a massive increase to weapon damage for both friendlies and foes.
  • Warrior: swaps out standard enemies for new, more challenging combat encounters and tougher enemies.
  • Trendsetter: randomizes your cosmetics when you die.

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