How to parry in Jedi Survivor

How to parry in Jedi Survivor
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Want to know how to parry in Jedi Survivor? Channelling the lithe athleticism and lightsaber-wielding prowess of Jedi’s from the silver-screen, Jedi Survivor’s gameplay balances both offensive and defensive combat manoeuvres, with one of the most important being the ability to parry on-coming attacks.

We’ll walk you through how to parry in Jedi Survivor and throw in a few top tips so that you’re never caught off guard by a stray blaster shot. We recommend taking a peek at the Jedi Survivor enemies list to get a sense of what you’ll be up against and reading our how long is Jedi Survivor guide to see how much time you’ll want to set aside to complete Cal Kestis’ latest adventure.

How do you parry in Jedi Survivor?

To parry in Jedi Survivor, tap the L1 button on PS5 or LB on Xbox Series X|S just before a melee attack or blaster shot hits Cal. Timing is important here as there is a defined parry window – a set amount of time within which you have to tap the parry button for Cal to successfully pull it off. If you parry too early or too late, Cal will take damage. Pulling off a perfect parry opens the door to a counter attack that in most cases will either kill an enemy outright or cause substantial damage. If you parry a blaster shot, it will reflect back on the enemy that fired it, causing damage or killing them.

If you’re having trouble nailing the parry timing, we recommend shifting down to an easier difficulty level. The lower tiers offer a much large and more forgiving parry timing window. When taking on several enemies at once, switch the double-bladed lightsaber stance as the dual blades give you a higher chance of parrying all on-coming attacks. We also recommend getting the Twofold Reflection skill early on, which allows you to parry and reflect up to two blaster projectiles in a row.

Knowing the right button to press is one thing, nothing beats playing to hone your parrying skills. Now you know how to parry, check out our guides to the Jedi Survivor planets, Jedi Survivor new game plus mode, and our Jedi Survivor cast and characters list.