How to beat Lizard in Spider-Man 2

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As the first major boss fight in the game, here’s how to beat Lizard in Spider-Man 2.

Curt Connors is a doctor in the Marvel Universe. Classically known as one of Spider Man’s oldest foes, the character is much less of a villain in this game and more of a victim. Provoked by Kraven’s need for a Great Hunt, the Doctor is going to rampage across New York. It’s going to be up to the Spider-Men to defeat him. If you’re having trouble getting through the fight, here’s what you can do. However, before you begin, make sure to get set up on the best skills in Spider-Man 2, which will make combat much easier.

How to beat Lizard in Spider-Man 2

There’s going to be three fight phases against Lizard, alongside a chase sequence through the city. Aside from normal attacks, Lizard has three main special attacks.

  • Claw Slash – Lizard will raise its arms before lunging towards you and swiping sideways. Can be dodged and parried.
  • Crush Attack – A heavy attack which can only be dodged. You’ll see a blue ring around the Lizard’s face before this attack lands.
  • Heavy Tail Slash – A heavy tail attack which is preceded by Lizard’s face ring turning red. You can parry this attack.

Note, these aren’t the actual names for these special attacks, though it’s going to help us talk about the fight.

How to beat Lizard (Phase 1)

The first phase of this fight is fairly straight-forward. If you use your Spidey Senses (R3), you’re going to be able to spot vents on the floor. When Lizard is standing over these, you’re going to be able to open them using L1 + R1 at the same time. This will stun Lizard for a few moments, meaning you can chain combos, abilities and gadgets to deal heavy damage to the boss.

A screenshot of a video game featuring a large creature, specifically the Lizard in Spider-Man 2.

You’re going to have two opportunities to beat this boss like this, so make sure you save your abilities for these moments.

How to beat Lizard (Phase 2)

Once you deplete the first health bar, you’ll begin the second stage. This is going to be where Lizard starts climbing on the walls – meaning you won’t be able to use the vents as freely. You’re going to be able to stop the boss by firing webs, so make sure to stock up on gadgets. The Upshot gadget will work really well here, so read up on how to recharge gadgets now.

Firing a slew of webs at the Lizard’s face is going to leave it vulnerable to your Symbiote attacks. Use L2 and R2 at the same time to close distance – then unleash hell.

How to beat Lizard (Phase 3)

This phase is going to be fairly straightforward, and by now in your experience playing Insomniac games it’s simply a matter of paying attention to the on-screen prompts.

How to beat Lizard (Phase 4)

This part of the fight will bring together all of the previous attacks seen from the Lizard. The boss will attack much more frequently now, and will also hit harder. Monitor your health carefully and heal often by pressing Down on the D-Pad. You should also have your Surge abilities all charged, so use them whenever.

You’re going to need to dodge the Lizard’s Screech, which is going to make your Symbiote cringe. As before, lure the Lizard over the vents and stun him with them, before using a flurry of Symbiote abilities to deal heavy chunks of damage.

A green dinosaur is standing next to a cage. (No changes made)
A green dinosaur is standing next to a cage. (No changes made)

You’ll finish the boss off in no time, and you’ll have defeated your first major obstacle in the Spider-Man 2 game.

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