Spider-Man 2 Aunt May’s grave location and trophy guide

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If you want to know where to find Aunt May’s grave in Spider-Man 2, we will show you the location. This might be considered a spoiler from the first game, but if you clicked on this you must already know what happens to everyone’s favourite aunt in Spider-Man.

As you play through the game, you will notice that there are plenty of continuity considerations and easter eggs to uncover. Aunt May’s grave is one of these near-hidden details you can find for a nice trophy, and to pay your respects.

The life of a superhero isn’t easy, and Peter Parker has lost many friends and family along the way, so it’s only right to swing by when you can, to say hey. If you want more guides, make sure you read our Spider-Man 2 review and our piece covering how to take pictures. Now, here’s the location of Aunt May’s grave and the You Know What To Do trophy in Spider-Man 2.

Screenshot of the map in Spider-Man 2 with the location of Aunt May's grave

Aunt May’s grave location in Spider-Man 2

To find Aunt May’s grave, all you have to do is travel to the uppermost part of the map, which is technically Harlem on the map. When you’re there, you’ll find a serene graveyard. Finding the grave will unlock the trophy called You Know What To Do.

As you explore through the graveyard to roughly the middle, you will eventually spot Aunt May’s grave among the trees, next to Uncle Ben’s grave. This is a nice detail in the game and when you first find it you will get an achievement when you interact with it. Not too far away, you’ll find Jefferson Davis’ grave too.

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Get the achivement

When you interact with Aunt May’s grave, you will earn the trophy You Know What To Do. This only unlocks once you interact with Aunt May’s grave, simply visiting it isn’t enough to get the achievement.

That’s all you need to know about where to find Aunt May’s grave. Now that you’ve sufficiently wept all the tears over this nice detail, you can go and read more of our guides covering how to save the game and how to fast-travel in Spider-Man 2.

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