Spider-Man 2 Marko’s Memories locations and how to complete

Spider-Man 2 Marko’s Memories locations and how to complete
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Marko’s Memories is going to be one of the first collections you can complete in Spider-Man 2. Introduced as part of the main quest, Sandman (Flint Marko) is also the first boss you face in the game. You’ll find miniature sandstorms across New York, and in the centre of them will be a crystal. Defeat the mini-sandmen defending them to unlock memories about Marko’s past.

Alongside that, you’ll also find out more about how the Hunters have been tracking and tracing Marko – even bringing out his Sandman alter-ego despite him having buried that sand-castle years ago. You’ll even find out that Marko has been to one of the Hunter Bases.

As you progress through Marko’s story, you’ll find out about his kid – Keemia. It turns out that Marko was terrified that the Hunters were going to end up hurting Keemia, which is why Flint started his rampage.

Marko’s Memories locations in Spider-Man 2

You’re going to find Marko’s Memories scattered throughout New York. The first one, in the Financial District, is going to be compulsory and you’ll find it pretty easily.

  • Central Park – 1
  • Midtown – 2
  • Greenwich – 1
  • Chinatown – 2
  • Financial District – 4
  • Downtown Brooklyn – 1
  • Williamsburg – 1
  • Little Odessa – 1

You’ll notice there’s only thirteen listed above. The final one is only unlocked once you’ve collected the first thirteen.

A map of a city with Spider-Man 2 Marko's Memories locations highlighted.
Marko’s Memories locations in Spider-Man 2 (North)
A screenshot of Marko's Memories locations on the city map in the game Spider-Man 2 and tips to complete them.
Marko’s Memories locations in Spider-Man 2 (South)

There’s one missing on the map above. This is due to the fact that I collected it before taking a screenshot (much to my demise.) You will find one in Williamsburg.

How to find the final Marko’s Memories

You’ll discover memories across New York. You won’t find the last one until you have collected the other 13 memories. Be warned, the penultimate one you collect will be guarded by thugs alongside mini sand people. Once you’ve collected all of the first memories, you’re going to find the last one. 

A screenshot showcasing one of the picturesque locations in Spider-Man 2.
The location of the final Marko’s Memory.

It’s going to be in Downtown Brooklyn, and it’s going to net you 2,000 XP. Head on over there and get ready for the final mission with Marko.

How to recover the last sand crystal and memory

You’ll enter one of Marko’s Memories. In order to collect the lost sand crystal, you’re going to follow the white floating orb. The landscape is going to be pretty gothic and grotesque. Giant Sandman heads will poke out of the ground, and you’ll web across giant hands and arms.

Once you reach the giant crystal, you’re going to want to hold L1 + R1 at the same time to launch rocks at it. However, once you do start doing this you’re going to be met by Marko’s minions who are going to attack you. Manage how much damage you take, while also flinging rocks at the giant crystal. 

Once you’ve done this, the final quest marker will be to head on over to Keemia’s Mom’s house. It’s in Brooklyn, and you can’t fast travel as you’re going to be on the phone to Marko. The good thing is that there’s a Wind Tunnel which will basically fly you all the way to Brooklyn. Along the way, you’ll talk with Marko who will thank you for getting his mind right. 

Set the Crystal down in front of Keemia’s house, and that’s the end of Marko’s story.

Completing Marko’s Memories is going to be one of the best ways for you to earn XP in Spider-Man 2. It’s a fairly basic set of missions, but it’s going to help you get some of the best skills and unlock suits.