How to beat Venom in Spider-Man 2

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The Venom boss fight in Spider-Man 2 is one of most visceral and cinematic fights in the game, bringing the game to a climactic end.

With five different phases to power through, you’re going to want to make sure you’re geared up on the best skills in Spider-Man 2 before you give it a go. As the final boss in the game – it’s definitely going to get tough.

The good thing is that you’re going to have your Sonic Disruptor gadgets to use in this fight, alongside some handy environmental tactics to take advantage of. Make sure you’ve brushed up on how to recharge gadgets as they’re going to be a major part of your strategy for this fight.

How to beat Venom in Spider-Man 2

There’s going to be five different phases to this fight.

How to defeat Venom (Phase 1)

A screenshot of Spider-Man 2 featuring the menacing villain Venom on the floor.

Dodging is going to be your tactic for Phase 1. The fight is going to begin in the gym where Pete and Harry’s friendship was first created, though it’s soon going to head outside. In this phase, Venom is going to grow his tendrils out and raise the environment. Then, be ready to attack and roll.

Venom’s going to attack you with a move reminiscent of Peter’s Symbiote Smash. You’ll be able to dodge this attack fairly easily, though. If you time your dodges perfectly you’re going to get a little Ability regeneration boost, so try and make use of this if you can. Remember, if the Spidey Senses are glowing blue – you must dodge, and if it’s glowing orange you must parry it.

Venom is immune to webs at all time, though you’re going to be able to use gadgets to poke at the game’s final villain.

After you poke off about 25% of Venom’s health, he’s going to terraform the stage and you’re going to need to swing away to avoid him. Don’t let any of the weird Symbiote goop touch you, as it’s going to deal heavy damage.

Keep hammering at him with hand-to-hand combat after this, and make use of the conveniently placed sonic disruptors around the stage.

How to defeat Venom (Phase 2)

A man in a costume is standing on top of a field.

After you deplete Venom’s first health-bar, you’re going to be rewarded with a cutscene. Following this, Venom’s going to summon some annoying Symbiote allies. You’re going to be able to use your webs to take them out, so you might want to focus on them first.

We’d also recommend swinging away from the football field towards a different terrain. You’re going to find a huge intercom system here which is going to be useful at taking out anything Symbiote. We’d suggest using it when Venom’s near so you can follow up with a bunch of combos.

✓ Amaar’s Advice

Defeat Venom’s minions

If you defeat the Symbiotes, you’re going to be able to recharge your Anti-Venom abilities and your Surge meter. This is going to make fighting Venom much easier.

You’ll notice that Venom’s health bar is covered by a white film. He’ll only spawn in Symbiotes when this white bar is present. Depleting it will also give you a time-period where you can continually attack the boss without him attacking back.

Once you use your Symbiote abilities, make sure to follow them up with Combos. For example, you can use the Triangle web grabber to close distance, then follow up with normal attacks and gadgets.

How to defeat Venom (Phase 3)

Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse Screenshot featuring Venom in action.

Venom is going to grow wings now, which is going to make things incredibly difficult for Miles. Alongside not having Peter’s Anti-Venom abilities, Miles is going to be fighting against a flying behemoth too. As a side note, Venom’s character design for this final boss fight is flawless.

The first phase is going to be surprisingly easy. Despite Venom being air-borne, Miles’ Venom abilities are going to close distances incredibly easy. Alongside that, the Winged Venom has a very predictable attack pattern while he’s flying.

He’ll throw projectiles, and every third one you can throw back with R1 + L1.

How to defeat Venom (Phase 4)

The penultimate phase will see Venom fighting on the ground again. In terrain now completely covered by Symbiote gloop, you’re conveniently going to find plenty of sonic disruptor-esque machinery lying around.

Make use of it, alongside your own gadgets, to constantly disrupt Venom’s attack patterns. When you see an opening, go in with a flurry of combos and abilities. Venom will be attacking you with his Symbiote Smash attack. If you’re unable to dodge, try and parry as you’re going to stab him with a decent chunk of damage.

After about half-way down his health, Venom is going to grow wings again. You’re not going to be able to launch sonic disruptors at him, so chaining abilities to attack him with is your best shot. He’ll be firing loads more projectiles at you in this round, so make sure you’re ready to dodge. After each of his combos, you’re going to earn an opening, so bare that in mind.

How to defeat Venom (Phase 5)

Spider-Man 2 and Venom engaging in an epic aerial battle.

You’ll progress through the fight further, before it seems as though Venom has the upper hand again. He’ll fly off into the sky, but both the Spider-Men will follow him. The final phase is pretty straight-forward. It’s going to involve you pressing on-screen buttons when commanded, and following this you’re basically in the clear. That’s that, the final boss in Spider-Man 2 defeated.

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