Every Blue Stake location with map, to open Firescourge Shrine in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Every Blue Stake location with map, to open Firescourge Shrine in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet
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Once you complete the main storyline of Pokemon Scarlet And Violet, you might wonder what you can do next. Well, you’ll be pleased to know that there are 4 more Legendary Pokemon up for grabs, each identified with their own specific color and Shrine. To get these super exclusive Pokemons though, you will have to unlock the Shrines associated with their color. 

If you’re looking for how to locate the Blue Firescourage Shrine, you’re at the right place. We’ll be discussing where to locate all the Blue Stakes, the Firescourage Shrine, and how to capture the legendary Pokemon, Chi-Yu. 

Where To Find All The Blue Stakes

Defeating the Open Sky Titan and False Dragon Titan for climbing and swimming is a necessity for this side quest, but we also recommend unlocking Koraidon / Miraidon travel abilities to make traversal from place to place easier. 

The Stakes are located across the East and North provinces, with some sitting on the top of Glaseado Mountain and within Tagtree Thicket. The exact locations of all the Stakes are as follows:

1. Blue Stake location map

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The first Blue Stake is located in the northeastern part of the Paldea region. It’s still under North Province (Area One), but you might want to be prepared before heading out to this part of the map. The nearest city to this Stake is Montenevera, and there should be a small river running inland from the sea to the ground further south; the Stake should be on your left if you’re looking out at sea.

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2. Blue Stake location map

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The second Blue Stake can be found in the middle of the hill that lies at the center of North Province (Area One). It’s located right near the text “North Province (Area One)” written on the map. It is also near the Firescourge Shrine enterance and near Fury Falls.

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3. Blue Stake location map

map showing location of blue stake 3 in pokemon scarlet and violet
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The third Blue Stake can be spotted southeast of Glaseado Mountain in the Tagtree Thicket area. You can find it in the northern part of the Tagtree Thicket, right above the lone river that flows through. 

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4. Blue Stake location map

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The next Blue Stake is located west of Tagtree Thicket and South of Glaseado Mountain. Head to the mountainous part of Glaseado Mountain and look for a small green outgrowth on top of a rocky mountain. Its very easy to find this stake, as the location is a spot of green land, under Glaseado Mountain.

✓ Si Yan’s Tip

Unlock all Miraidon or Koraidon abilities

To easily find all the blue stakes, its best to unlock all of your raidon’s abilities first. This is because some of the stakes are in high locations and require the climb or fly ability. If your raidon has all abilities, you can easily follow the map images and find all the stakes at once.

5. Blue Stake location map

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The following Blue Stake can be found northeast of Levincia, near the sea and is perched atop a small hill, next to a tree. The small hill faces the bright lights of Levincia, so make sure to check over the edge and see the lights.

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6. Blue Stake location map

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The sixth Blue Stake is located inside a ruin, next to two pots, in the North Province (Area Two) on the other side of Tagtree Thicket. This blue stake location is very easy to spot on the map, as its near the sea and on the map the ruin is marked with a square shape.

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7. Blue Stake location map

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The next Blue Stake can be discovered at the top of a mountain in North Province (Area Two). It’s near the only Pokemon Center in the area, right to the northeast of it. On the map its very easy to find, it a spot of land in the middle, with a large pond on the right hand side and snow on the left.

8. Blue Stake location map

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The final Blue Stake can be found at the top of another mountain in Fury Falls. This one will be neatly sandwiched between North Province Area One and Two. Specifically, you’ll find it to the south of the Pokemon Center of North Province (Area Two). On the map, its very easy to spot, as the round plot of land is surrounded by green and near the sea.

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What is the Blue Shrine?

The Firescourage Shrine has a deep blue color, which is very hard to miss. The Shrine has 8 Stakes all over the map, and capturing all of them will allow you to face off with Chi-Yu.

How To Find and Open the Blue Shrine

After you have finally found and activated all 8 Stakes, you must head over to the Blue Firescourage Shrine. 

Where Is The Firescourage Shrine Located

The Firescourage Shrine is located in the northern province, also known as Area Two of Paldea. It lies within a cave on the top of Fury Falls, southeast of the Pokemon Center of this area. 

Completing the history lessons at the academy along Raifort’s storyline will get the exact location of the Shrine on your overworld map, allowing you to fast travel to this area. 

The quickest way to the Shrine is by flying to Fury Falls and climbing the mountain where the waterfall descends from. Close to the peak, you should see a small pool and a tunnel. This tunnel will lead you to the cave which contains the Firescourage Shrine. 

Be careful in this cave, you’ll find it crowded with smaller Pokemon who will try and force you into a series of battles when they surround you. 

How To Open The Blue Shrine

Once you successfully maneuver your way around the Pokémon that occupy the cave and made your way to the Blue Firescourage Shrine at the very end of the cave, walk up to the Shrine and interact with it. After some rumbling and cool animation, you’ll see the Legendary Chi-Yu.

Albeit this whole process does feel like a long one, it comes with its perks once completed and give you chance to catch more legendary Pokémons. If you have nearly completed the Path of Legends, then take a look at our Elite Four guide and get ready for Indigo Disk DLC and launch.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet legendary blue stake locations FAQ

How many blue stakes are there in Scarlet and Violet?

There are 8 stakes scattered across Paldea in Scarlet and Violet.

Do the blue stakes reappear once removed?

No, the blue stakes do not reappear once removed.