Palworld how to find and catch Elphidran – Elphidran location and drops

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Need to know how to find and catch Elphidran in Palworld? This big blue dragon might not be easy to get, but it’s well worth it to track them down.

Palworld features an enormous in-game map that you’ll need to traverse to find stronger Pals. As you keep going though, it gets tough and kind of monotonous to keep on walking. Elphidran is one Pal you’ll want to have in your Paldeck if you hate walking. With its Partner Skill, Amicable Holy Dragon, you can ride through the skies on this gentle giant. But first, let’s talk about how to find Elphidran in the wild.

Where To Find Elphidran in Palworld

Elphidran can only be found at its Alpha Boss spawn grounds, east of Ancient Ritual Site’s fast travel point and south of Hypocrite Hill. With Elphidran being a level 30 Pal, you probably won’t find it wandering around the map idly so your best bet is to find the boss version and capture it.

The location of the Alpha Elphidran on the Palworld map
Image taken by Videogamer

If you’re having trouble finding the spawn grounds for Alpha Elphidran, simply go north from the Tower of Rayne Syndicate and the icon should appear on its own. Elphidran is usually found in large clearings of land due to its enormous size and large wingspan. This will be an essential point for you when we talk about how to capture it ahead. Remember to clear out the other nearby Pals before engaging otherwise things could go sideways really fast.

How To Catch Elphidran in Palworld

The best way to capture Elphidran is to defeat the Alpha Boss version and capture it there. This obviously won’t be easy with it being a level 30 Pal as well as having 2,700 health points. You’ll need to have progressed far enough yourself and have the proper equipment to defeat it.

A player fights an Alpha Elphidran in Palworld
Image taken by Videogamer

One tip while battling this Pal is to constantly move around. Elphidran’s attacks hit super hard but are just as slow when it comes to projectile speed. Since they’re ranged attacks, you can easily kite them out and dodge their attacks. This is also where the large clearing of land comes into play. Keep moving around the flat ground and don’t corner yourself. Hit it with your own ranged attacks until its health is low enough.

You’ll need a high-level Pal Sphere to capture Elphidran and add it to your collection. Also, make sure not to kill it, or you won’t be able to capture it, and you’ll need to go through the entire fight again.

What Items Does Elphidran Drop – Elphidran drops

Elphidran only drops High Quality Pal Oil. This might not seem that important if you’re starting, especially considering what you have to do to defeat Elphidran. But High Quality Pal Oil is used to make Polymer, a resource used in various crafting recipes. So make sure you don’t miss out on any drops after capturing Elphidran.

What Are Elphidran’s Weaknesses?

Since Elphidran is a Dragon-type, it is weak against Ice-type Pals. Keeping this information in mind, make sure you take a couple of Ice-type Pals with you when going to fight Elphidran. It is also better if they’re ranged since Elphidran is difficult to get close to with all its ranged attacks.

Ice-type Pals

If you need a good Pal to take on Elphidran with, try going with Penking. This is a strong Ice-type Pal. Don’t use a Dark-type Pal, though, since Dragon is strong against Dark and you’ll be at a disadvantage.

That’s everything you need to know about finding and catching Ephidran. If you can’t get enough Pals in your life, check out the best lumbering Pals and the best mining Pals so you know the best Pals to use for all your base-building needs.

Palworld Elphidran FAQs

Where can you find Elphidran?

The best place to find Elphidram is east of Ancient Ritual Site’s fast travel point and south of Hypocrite Hill, where the Alpha version is.

What Pals are good at fighting Elphidran?

Elphidram is a Dragon-type, so you should use Ice-type Pals like Penking to fight them.

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