Palworld how to find and catch Jetragon – Jetragon spawn location, weaknesses, item drops, and breeding combinations

Palworld how to find and catch Jetragon – Jetragon spawn location, weaknesses, item drops, and breeding combinations
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Are you wondering how to find and catch Jetragon in Palworld? This powerful legendary Pal is one that you don’t want to miss. Unfortunately, you won’t be obtaining it until you are nearly done with the game. This is because Jetragon is level 50.

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Where to find Jetragon in Palworld

Jetragon cannot be found roaming the world like normal Pals. It can only be found as an alpha on the western side of the map northwest of the Eternal Pyre Tower. We found Jetragon at coordinates -792, -327. This area is full of lava and is very dangerous so you will need to be on your guard at all times.

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It is possible to breed Jetragon but you need to catch a female and a male Jetragon to breed one as there are no other breeding combinations in the game. Since Jetragon is level 50, we recommend you avoid this fight until you are prepared as Jetragon can easily defeat your Pals if you aren’t careful.

How to catch Jetragon in Palworld

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Catching Jetragon is no easy feat as the Pal is very strong. We recommend you get as close to level 50 as you can before attempting the fight. When you do attempt the Jetragon fight, be sure to bring ice-type Pals as these are the strongest against Jetragon due to its dragon-typing.

Just like with other Pals, once Jetragon’s health is very low, you can use your Pal Spheres to catch it. This will require at least a Legendary Sphere to accomplish so be sure to have plenty on your person for the fight.

Jetragon’s Strengths and Weaknesses

Jetragon is a powerful dragon-type Pal. This means that it is only weak to ice-type Pals. Being a dragon-type means that Jetragon is strong against dark-type Pals so avoid using these during the fight if you want to stand a chance.

What items does Jetragon drop in Palworld?

Jetragon drops some high-level items. These items include the following materials:

  • Pure Quartz
  • Polymer
  • Carbon Fiber
  • Diamonds

As you can see, catching or defeating Jetragon is very much worth it for the materials alone as these materials are some that are difficult to make or come by.

Jetragon breeding combinations – How to breed Jetragon

Unfortunately, you can only breed Jetragon by using two Jetragons. Since this is a legendary Pal, your options are very limited for breeding and no normal Pals can be used to breed this one. Luckily, if you manage to get a male and a female Jetragon, you can breed them to get a Jetragon.

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Palworld catch Jetragon – FAQ

Can you get Jetragon through breeding in Palworld?

Yes, but you can only get it by breeding two Jetragons. No other breeding combination will get you Jetragon.

What are the best Pals to use against Jetragon?

The best Pals to use against Jetragon are ice-types like Reindrix, Chillet, and Reptyro Cryst.